Looking for the best virtual real estate transaction coordinator services in 2024?

Real estate transaction coordinators handle the busy work of closing real estate sales freeing up Realtors to find new clients and grow their business.

Today’s technology allows real estate sales agents to find talented, well-trained transaction coordinators online easily. Moreover, their time can often easily be scaled to your business needs.

In, this post will review the top 7 virtual real estate transaction coordination services discussing their offerings and prices.

7 Best Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Services in 2024

Below are the 7 best real estate transaction coordinator service providers in order of quality of services and pricing.

#1 Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Service Provider – AgentUp

AgentUp stands as the foremost company in real estate transaction coordination services, specializing in providing tailored transaction coordinators designed explicitly for the real estate industry, accessible on an as-needed basis.

AgentUp Transaction Coordination Service

Their real estate transaction coordination team is renowned for being among the best in the industry, possessing a profound understanding of the intricacies of the US real estate market.


  • AgentUp boasts extremely well-trained TCs equipped with in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry, ensuring clients receive top-notch support
  • The pricing structure offered by AgentUp is one of the most affordable in the industry
  • Further, AgentUp provides scalable services, accommodating the needs of a single agent or a large brokerage with equal efficiency


  • Due to the high demand for their real estate transaction coordinators clients are advised to reach out early to secure a TC in their needed time frame

Pricing: AgentUp’s pricing is very reasonable, starting at $299 per transaction, making high-quality support accessible at an affordable rate. They also offer a promotion of $50 off your first order.

#2. MyOutDesk

Hiring real estate transaction coordinators from MyOutDesk can be a smart choice if you are looking to scale your real estate business.

real estate transaction coordinator services

When you sign up with MyOutDesk, you’ll be paired with a dedicated account manager who will assist you in pinpointing the transaction coordination services that align with your specific needs.

Additionally, clients benefit from exclusive access to proprietary software tailored for managing and monitoring their virtual transaction coordinator.


  • MyOutDesk prides itself on delivering good customer support, ensuring clients receive assistance when needed
  • Furthermore, the company provides well-trained real estate transaction coordinators, bringing focused expertise to the table


  • MyOutDesk may have limitations in terms of customization and availability of part-time options, which is not ideal for those seeking tailored or flexible services
  • However, in comparison to similar services, MyOutDesk tends to be more expensive, which could impact budget-conscious clients

Pricing: Prices start from $1,988 per month.

#3. Summit VA Solutions

Summit VA Solutions is another popular choice for those seeking real estate transaction coordinators proficient in a range of transaction management tasks.

real estate transaction coordinator services

Their TC services cover areas such as property management, communications, scheduling, and document management.

Moreover, Summit VA Solutions prioritizes continuous improvement, providing ongoing training and support to their transaction coordinators. This commitment guarantees that their team maintains the skills and knowledge essential for delivering high-quality support.


  • Summit prides itself on having highly experienced transaction coordinators, bringing a wealth of expertise to client projects
  • Their web platform is user-friendly and streamlined, enhancing the overall customer experience


  • While many of Summit’s transaction coordinators receive quality training, it’s worth noting that some may have limited experience with real estate matters
  • Also, Summit VA Solutions is on the pricier side, a consideration for clients working within budget constraints

Pricing: Prices start from $1,500 per month.

#4. Virtudesk – Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Services

Virtudesk is a virtual assistant and transaction coordinator service provider based in the United States, catering to busy real estate businesses by offering both full-time and part-time virtual employees.

Virtudesk - Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Services

The company prioritizes quality in its service. For this reason, a stringent screening process ensures that their transaction coordinators are highly qualified, complemented by ongoing training to keep their skills current.

This means that sales agents and brokerages benefit from high-quality support delivered by experienced professionals who are well-equipped to navigate the unique challenges of the real estate industry.


  • Virtudesk offers budget-friendly transaction coordination services, ensuring cost-effectiveness for clients
  • The service is highly scalable, providing clients with options for part-time, full-time, and project-based TCs


  • Virtudesk’s TCs often have limited availability, potentially affecting accessibility for clients
  • Lastly, finding a suitable virtual assistant may take some time, a challenge for agents in need of swift support

Pricing: Starting at $254/mo for 20 hours/week.

#5. Transactly

Transactly, a prominent provider of transaction coordinators for real estate professionals, stands out by offering a diverse array of services aimed at streamlining and optimizing their clients’ workflows.


Their transaction coordinators, based in the United States, undergo rigorous training to address the unique needs of real estate businesses.

Further, Transactly’s services include various tools, including transaction management, communication coordination, and document management software designed to enhance the efficiency of its clients’ operations.


  • Transactly provides a cost-effective solution for real estate professionals
  • Additionally, the service is highly scalable, catering to the varying needs of clients with part-time, full-time, and project-based transaction coordinators
  • Lastly, clients can choose from a variety of experienced transaction coordinators adaptable to their specific business needs


  • Their TCs have limited availability, which may not appeal to busy agents and brokerages
  • Also, finding a suitable transaction coordinator may take some time, which may not be ideal for some clients

Pricing: Starting at $49/mo for 1-3 transactions per year.

#6. Task Bullet

Task Bullet stands as our sixth recommendation for real estate virtual assistant companies, offering proficient transaction coordinators skilled in administrative tasks, scheduling, and closing management.

Task Bullet

Moreover, the company aims to provide a streamlined and rapid approach to discovering TC services tailored to your specific requirements.

With competitive pricing and a comprehensive range of services, Task Bullet emerges as an excellent solution for small and medium-sized real estate businesses aiming to enhance operational efficiency and overall productivity.


  • Task Bullet boasts a user-friendly platform, ensuring a seamless experience for clients
  • Offering TCs proficient in a diverse array of tasks, providing flexibility for various real estate needs
  • Also, Task Bullet is recognized for its excellent customer service, ensuring clients receive the support they need


  • Do note, the company can be a bit slow in matching clients with the most suitable VA for their specific needs

Pricing: Starting at $220/mo for 20 hours/week.

#7. Zirtual – Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Service Provider

In last place is Zirtual delivering virtual real estate transaction services to agents and brokerages globally.

Zirtual - Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Service Provider

Zirtual’s transaction coordinators operate from within the United States, offering clients extensive support in various closing tasks such as administrative duties, customer service, and detailed communication between clients and vendors.

Overall, Zirtual prides itself on providing a flexible range of services, empowering clients to tailor their support levels according to their specific requirements.


  • Zirtual offers a wide variety of transaction coordinators, enabling clients to choose professionals that align with their needs
  • Additionally, clients have the flexibility to select a pricing structure that suits their budget and preferences
  • Particularly beneficial for brokers or businesses seeking part-time transaction coordination support


  • Zirtual’s services are constrained to a maximum of 50 hours per month
  • In comparison to other services, Zirtual is rather expensive

Pricing: Zirtual charges $549 a month for 12 hours of tasks.

That’s our review of the 7 best virtual real estate transaction coordinator service providers.

Therefore, if you’re ready to take your real estate business to the next level, partner with the #1 virtual transaction coordinator service provider in 2024 – AgentUp.

The Best Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Service

Empower your real estate business with AgentUp, your trusted partner for top-notch transaction coordinators.

AgentUp Real Estate Transaction Coordinator
AgentUp Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

Experience the AgentUp difference:

Expert Support: Our handpicked Philippines-based virtual TCs boast extensive real-world experience and comprehensive training, exceeding the skills of most other real estate transaction coordinators.

Seamless Collaboration: Our fluent English-speaking TCs are masters of remote teamwork, bridging time zones and cultural differences with ease. Therefore, you can expect a smooth, collaborative experience built on easy connections and shared goals.

Perfect Match: We know that one size doesn’t fit all. We take the time to understand your unique needs and workflow, then personally match you with the ideal virtual transaction coordinator.

So, invest in your success in 2024!

Choose AgentUp and take the first step towards a more efficient, less stressful, and ultimately more profitable real estate career.

Schedule a free consultation to explore what AgentUp’s virtual transaction coordinator services can do for your real estate business.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post today.

We hope this article helped you learn about the best virtual real estate transaction coordinator services in 2024.

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