Real Estate Marketing

QR Codes

Qualify buyers and  drive more traffic with QR codes.

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3 Ways To Use

Real Estate QR Codes

Marketing flyers, property websites & virtual tours.

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Marketing Flyers

Drive Traffic with QR codes on flyers.

Replace the listing price on your home marketing flyers with a QR code to drive traffic directly to your property website or virtual tours and capture leads.


Property Websites

Capture buyer leads with listing sites.

When you build an AgentUp property website we instantly create QR codes that send people directly to your website, complete with lead capture forms.


Virtual House Tours

Quickly share your virtual tours.

Disturb your sellers less by qualifying buyers with a virtual house tour first. Our tours come with AI image editing, a simple DIY builder, and instant QR codes.

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Property websites, virtual tours, and home flyers with QR codes

In 3 Steps

How To Use QR codes

Build a property site, download the QR code, and use it anywhere.


Build A Property Website

Start to finish in as little as 5minutes.

Our DIY property website builder is simple to use and will automatically generate QR codes that link to your published website with an integrated contact form.


Download Your QR Code

Choose print or web sized images.

QR codes are simple bar code like graphic that any smartphone can scan and which sends users directly to your single property websites or virtual house tours.


Use It Anywhere

Sign riders, flyers and postcards.

Our favorite use is replace the listing price on your home flyers with a QR code or better yet, replace flyers entirely with a QR code on your sign riders.

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