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Many agents overlook the value of a real estate virtual assistant.

A real estate virtual assistant (VA) is easy to work with, expanding your marketing efforts and boosting sales.

I’ve worked with VAs before, and they more than paid for themselves while freeing me up to find new clients.  

In this post, I’ll share how I used a real estate virtual assistant to boost sales and secure more deals.

But first, let’s quickly talk about what is a virtual assistant for real estate.

What Is a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate?

A real estate virtual assistant (VA) is a remote administrative professional who offers multiple services, helping a real estate agent effectively manage their business.

real estate virtual assistant

Hiring a skilled VA is basically like working with an online personal assistant who helps you with time-consuming business tasks, such as:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Social media management and posting
  • Answering client questions
  • Lead qualifying
  • And even CRM and database management

Overall, your VA operates based on your specific instructions, taking charge of time-consuming real estate sales and marketing tasks. 

This frees up the precious hours needed for high-impact activities that contribute to more clients and closings.

To illustrate this further, let me share my own experiences working with a real estate virtual assistant. 

My Experience Using a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

real estate virtual assistant

I’ve been a real estate sales agent for ten years. During that time, I’ve worked with a virtual assistant several times. And each time I’ve done so, my business grew.

First and foremost, my virtual assistant played a vital role in marketing properties and my business services. The impact on my sales and overall efficiency was dramatic. 

Here’s how I used a real estate virtual assistant to boost sales:

  • My VA managed my CRM system and email drip campaigns
  • Additionally, they answered client, vendor, and other agent emails on my behalf
  • Together, we created a spring marketing campaign that they managed
  • Most importantly, they posted to my various social media accounts regularly – keeping me and my services in front of clients

Further, I can’t say enough how having someone create content and consistently post on my Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts led to several new clients. 

I’ve also used real estate VAs for lead generation and qualifying.

Now, you’re probably wondering if their working remotely and in a different time zone hindered productivity.

Not at all. In fact, it was often an added benefit to having my VA set up my business day and prepare my marketing materials before I even got out of bed.  

Also, working remotely was easier than I thought. I never encountered a single issue between video calls, email, and chat.

The investment in a virtual assistant was undoubtedly worth it, and it allowed me to build marketing systems that are still paying off today. 

Want to know more? Let me explain how I utilized my real estate virtual assistant in more detail.

How I Used a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to Boost Sales

For many agents, managing more than two transactions in a month requires the support of an assistant. This was certainly my experience.

Working with a real estate virtual assistant allowed me the time to do the things that I do best – networking, talking with people, and meeting new clients.

I used my VA for the following business tasks and projects.

1. Help With the Basics

real estate virtual assistant

A vital role for a real estate virtual assistant is handling day-to-day administrative operations.

Agents should channel their time into activities that foster business growth instead of getting bogged down in daily minutiae. 

For example, I used a part-time VA to handle the following weekly tasks with ease:

  • Tackling basic bookkeeping and managing bill payments
  • Keeping contracts, agreements, and other documents organized
  • Taking charge of email responses and inbox management
  • Scheduling meetings and overseeing my calendar
  • Also, providing support for incoming calls

What did I do with the time I saved? I spent it with former clients, seeing if they had friends or family thinking of moving.

In my experience, a competent real estate virtual assistant can easily prove their worth and more through these contributions.

2. Expanding Marketing Activity – The Main Objective

real estate virtual assistant

Marketing plays a crucial role in the growth of any real estate business. However, it can be pretty time-consuming. And if you don’t dedicate sufficient time, it ends up being inconsistent and not that effective. 

Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) allowed me to maintain a consistent marketing presence without dedicating all my time to it.

Let’s take a look at some of the marketing tasks I gave to my VA to handle:

  • Designing and sending mailers to target neighborhoods
  • Helping order floor plans for my listings
  • Getting my listing photos professionally edited 
  • Writing and posting blogs and content on social media
  • Overseeing the production of virtual house tours 
  • Creating and launching targeted email marketing campaigns
  • Setting up single property websites to promote home sales
  • Also, keeping an eye on SEO rankings and tracking marketing analytics

These marketing tasks are all geared towards promoting business growth and, at the same time, liberating your schedule to focus on securing more qualified leads. 

And when it comes to lead generation, the suitable VA can undoubtedly lend a hand with that.

3. Lead Generation

real estate virtual assistant

Never underestimate the lead-generating ability of a virtual assistant. Keeping the sales pipeline filled with potential clients is vital for any sales agent.

I used my VA to help with the following lead-generation tasks:

  • Conducting follow-up calls to help qualify buyer and seller leads
  • Keeping my CRM up to date and adding client notes
  • Managing appointments and scheduling property showings
  • Providing quick responses to customer inquiries

Imagine the following situation: What if you had a VA who consistently brought in just 1-2 new clients every month? Just think about the positive impact it could have on your business.

Hopefully, you now see the practical value of working with a virtual assistant in expanding your real estate business.

Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Today

Real estate marketing is both crucial and time-consuming for any sales agent.

Real estate professionals often find themselves overwhelmed by house showings, seller consultations, and property preparations, leaving little room for effective self-promotion.

So why not bring on board a virtual assistant to handle all your marketing efforts?

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And if you’re wondering about prices for a VA, please read our sister company, PhotoUp’s, blog post on virtual assistants for real estate: how much do they cost?

The benefits of working with a real estate virtual assistant are real. So, start the process now. 

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Thanks for reading. We hope you liked this post on how I used a real estate virtual assistant to boost sales. 

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