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Are you considering hiring a virtual assistant for your real estate business but are grappling with how much it might cost?

The right virtual assistant could be an invaluable partner who improves efficiency and helps grow your business. 

Virtual assistant costs vary. However, the right virtual assistant (VA) pays for themself in terms of increasing your productivity and bottom line. 

In today’s post, we’ll answer the question, ‘How much does a real estate virtual assistant cost?’

But first, let’s look at why real estate sales professionals use virtual assistants in the first place. 

Why Work With a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

real estate virtual assistant

A growing number of sales agents are hiring real estate virtual assistants who not only have a deep understanding of the business but also can quickly improve sales efficiency.

A real estate virtual assistant is a trained business administrator and personal assistant. They offer a range of specialized real estate business support services remotely. 

There are nearly no limit to the tasks they can handle skillfully. For example, a real estate virtual assistant could take the following responsibilities off your full work plate:

  • Lead generation and qualifying
  • Implement your marketing ideas and strategy
  • Maintain your CRM efforts
  • Schedule meetings, answer emails, and phone calls
  • And help with paperwork and transaction coordination

The value proposition here is substantial. Employing a virtual assistant in real estate effectively restores your most valuable asset – time

This allows you to direct your efforts towards high-impact endeavors that significantly contribute to revenue growth and improves your bottom line.

So, to answer the question we started with, real estate sales agents work with virtual assistants to free up their time to find more clients and thus make more money. 

For more information on this topic, look at this article on the benefits of a VA for a real estate agent.

Next, we turn our attention to how much it costs to work with a real estate virtual assistant.

How Much Does a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Cost?

real estate virtual assistant

Overall, the cost of working with a real estate virtual assistant varies depending on experience, skill set, and geographic location.

Of all the variables, geographic location most strongly impacts the cost of a VA. So, let’s take a moment to compare hiring a US-based virtual assistant and those from overseas. 

A US-based real estate virtual assistant obviously understands American culture and can work within your office, making it easier to manage their activities.

However, most overseas VAs are also highly trained, understand US culture, speak English, and are adept at working remotely. 

With this in mind, are there any significant differences between the two options? Yes – the cost:

  • On average, a Philippines-based real estate VA will cost between $7 to $12 per hour
  • In contrast, a US-based VA typically costs $35 to $45 per hour and sometimes even more

When considering overseas options, the Philippines, particularly with highly educated urban areas such as Manila or Cebu, emerges as an optimal choice. 

Consider the following facts about Filipino real estate virtual assistants:

  • High population density means access to a larger talent pool, allowing you to recruit individuals with specialized expertise
  • These urban areas provide access to strong educational infrastructure, resulting in a skilled pool of virtual assistants
  • Virtual assistants from these cities have reliable resources, including robust internet connectivity, and advanced computer technology
  • Filipino virtual assistants understand US culture and are accustomed to working during different time zones, ensuring smooth collaboration

As you can see, you can work with a top-notch virtual assistant at a fraction of the cost by hiring from the Philippines. 

Curious to learn more about what a real estate virtual assistant costs? Well then, have a look at this article on how much does a transaction coordinator charge for further details.

How the Right Real Estate VA Pays for Themselves

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant can save an agent or brokerage time and money. In fact, the additional revenue the VA helps generate often more than offsets their cost.

Not yet convinced? Let us explain how this is the case. 

The right virtual assistant could almost double your effectiveness with the following business growth activities:

  • Generate buyer and seller leads
  • Increase your marketing efforts to reach a larger audience
  • Manage your CRM to maintain your sphere of influence
  • Engage in a wide range of prospecting activities
  • Keep your current buyers and sellers happy by answering their questions and updating them on weekly progress

If a virtual assistant helped secure just one new client each month, they would more than pay for themselves.

Therefore, imagine the revenue growth if they helped you secure 2-3 more clients every month or so. 

Further, stop for a moment and ask yourself the following question: How many more clients could you also find with the time you saved not having to do all the above busy work?

In other words, experienced real estate transaction coordinators will more than pay for themselves. In fact, here’s an article further explaining the value of working with a virtual assistant

And more thing worth mentioning – many real estate virtual assistants know ways to increase revenue for your business that you might never have thought of.

Finding the Right Real Estate Virtual Assistant for You

real estate virtual assistant

For a decade AgentUp has focused on building virtual teams in the Philippines. With a staff of hundreds of virtual assistants, we have the size and experience to connect you with the perfect one for your business.

Our operating headquarters is in one of the top 10 outsourcing hubs in the world – Cebu, the second largest city in the Philippines. 

Let’s consider some further advantages that our VAs provide:

  • The Philippines boasts one of the best English proficiency in Asia, with little to no accents 
  • Filipino culture is similar to that of the US
  • Our VAs are well-trained and have high college attendance rates
  • They understand the US real estate business 
  • Our operations infrastructure is designed to support our virtual assistants with the latest technology

All of the above, plus our decade-long experience, means we’ll help you find the right VA. So, go ahead and take the next step.

Schedule a free consultation to learn how to work with an AgentUp real estate virtual assistant. 

If leveraging your time and maximizing business potential resonates with your goals, it’s worth the few minutes of the free consultation.

Do yourself a favor and don’t hesitate. Let’s talk today. You’ll be glad you did. 

And here’s one more critical detail – AgentUp does more than transaction coordination. We’re a full-service real estate marketing servicing company. 

So, reach out and learn more!

Thanks for reading. We hope this post helped you understand how much a real estate virtual assistant costs.  

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