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Successful real estate agents know that working with a virtual real estate transaction coordinator can free up valuable time, allowing them to find more clients.

Top-producing agents rely on transaction coordinators to handle the busy work of closing already negotiated sales. 

Intelligent agents hire a transaction coordinator so they have time to find new clients through marketing and networking. 

So, in this post, we’ll show you how to sell more homes with a virtual real estate transaction coordinator. 

But first, let’s look at what a virtual real estate transaction coordinator does.

What Does a Virtual Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Do?

virtual real estate transaction coordinator

A virtual transaction coordinator, sometimes called a virtual assistant (VA), is an experienced and trained real estate professional. 

In general, they take care of many of the time-consuming tasks of running a real estate business and closing transactions. For example, they can assist you with any of the following functions:

  • Answering client questions
  • Talking with other agents
  • Scheduling showings, open houses, and closings
  • Working with lenders, title companies, and other professionals
  • As well as marketing, lead generation, and other administrative functions

Coordinating with mortgage lenders, home inspectors, surveyors, appraisers, and the title company requires more time and effort than most agents realize. 

Of course, not having to handle such tasks allows you to focus on matters the most — securing new clients and growing your business.  

Moreover, working with a virtual transaction coordinator is a solid competitive advantage over other agents. 

Depending on your needs, you can hire virtual transaction coordinators on a full-time, part-time, or project basis. 

And in case you’re wondering, an experienced virtual transaction coordinator knows how to work across time zones and handle even complex tasks remotely. 

A virtual transaction coordinator follows your instructions, addressing the daily busy work of real estate sales and marketing. 

You can easily communicate with them through email, chat, and video conferencing, passing along tasks that can help increase revenue and give you more time to find and secure new clients. 

In other words, using a virtual transaction coordinator is all about increasing efficiency and effectiveness. And doing so improves your bottom line.

If you want to learn more, read this article on what is a real estate transaction coordinator. 

Next, let’s look at how a virtual real estate transaction coordinator can help you sell more homes.

Sell More Homes With a Virtual Transaction Coordinator

A virtual real estate transaction coordinator plays a pivotal role in streamlining complex tasks enabling a sales agent to focus on what they do best – selling more homes. 

Let’s look at two ways a virtual transaction coordinator can help you increase sales – closing transactions and marketing support.

1. Closing Transactions

Sell More Homes With a Virtual Transaction Coordinator

A virtual transaction coordinator can handle the paperwork, scheduling, and communications associated with closing real estate transactions so you, the agent, can focus on building relationships and closing deals.

Additionally, a transaction coordinator ensures compliance with the legal, professional, and regulatory requirements, such as:  

  • Making sure contracts and amendments are signed on time
  • Keeping track of all necessary disclosures
  • Informing the other side of any changes or next steps
  • And also ensuring that all deadlines are met

All of the above saves you time and enhances your reputation for professionalism and reliability.

Now, there’s another way a virtual real estate transaction coordinator can help you sell more homes – by assisting you with marketing and lead generation. 

2. Help With Marketing

Sell More Homes With a Virtual Transaction Coordinator

Marketing is an indispensable pillar for the expansion of any real estate enterprise. As many agents are well aware, it also demands a substantial investment of time.

However, you can effectively increase your marketing activity by leveraging a virtual transaction coordinator. 

For example, a transaction coordinator can do the following marketing tasks:

  • Orchestrate postcard campaigns targeted at specific neighborhoods
  • Dispatch emails and personalized notecards to your existing clients and sphere of influence
  • Craft engaging blog posts and content tailored for social media and online advertising
  • Thoroughly evaluate the efficacy of all your marketing initiatives

3. Lead Generation Support

Lead Generation Support

As you know, expanding your profit margins is also tied to acquiring new buyers and sellers.

Therefore, a virtual transaction coordinator can do any of the following for lead generation activities:

  • Conducting phone follow-ups with potential buyers and sellers 
  • Engaging in prospecting and cold-calling activities
  • Ensuring updates of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Overseeing lead generation software programs
  • Monitoring and managing all active leads
  • Most crucially, converting leads into loyal clients

Consider the potential value here. A virtual transaction coordinator could generate 1-2 new clients every month or even more.

By delegating administrative burdens to a transaction coordinator, you can dedicate more time and energy to nurturing client relationships, identifying new opportunities, and selling more homes.

All right, you’re probably wondering how you find a virtual real estate coordinator. It’s easy — let AgentUp help. 

Hiring a Virtual Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

virtual real estate transaction coordinator

Your first step for hiring a virtual transaction coordinator is to list the tasks you want your real estate transaction coordinator to handle. Basically, draft a job description for them.

Step two? Get in touch with AgentUp.

With years of experience, AgentUp has built skilled virtual teams in the Philippines, especially for real estate transaction coordination.

All of our virtual transaction coordinators do the following:

  • Speak English 
  • Know how to use the latest technology
  • Understand how the real estate industry works in the US
  • Also, work extremely well remotely 

So, let AgentUp match you with your ideal virtual transaction coordinator – someone who fits your needs like a glove.

Why wait? Take the plunge today.

Book a free consultation to dive deeper into how AgentUp’s virtual transaction coordinators can revamp your real estate business.

Curious about the price? Check out this article: “Virtual Assistants for Real Estate: How Much Do They Cost?

We hope this post helped you better understand how a real estate virtual transaction coordinator can help you sell more homes.

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