In the current sellers’ market, real estate agents are looking for marketing tips on how to stand out from the competition.

Despite the importance of real estate digital marketing, many sales agents haven’t embraced some of the newer online technologies and tools.

Many marketing tools can help an agent get noticed and lead to more clients. 

In this article, we’ll share 7 marketing tips for real estate agents seeking to stand out and grow their businesses.

7 Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents to Boost Sales

High-quality marketing is crucial in a strong but somewhat slower seller’s market. 

Successful real estate agents understand that attention-getting marketing quickly conveys the value of any listing. And the more buyers you reach with the marketing, the more in-person showings of the home and offers.

However, the smarter sales agents realize that high-quality marketing doesn’t just help sell houses — it also helps sell their services as an agent

Potential buyers and sellers can distinguish between a high-powered, successful agent and an average real estate salesperson. And they know the difference by comparing the quality of agents’ marketing efforts.  

So, let’s explore 7 proven marketing tips for real estate agents to help you up your marketing game and stand out. 

1. Start With a Single Property Website

marketing tips for real estate agents
AgentUp Single Property Website

A single property website is a dedicated real estate listing site with a unique URL designed to present a single property fully and without distractions. 

Let’s explore a few of the key features and advantages that make single-property websites a valuable marketing asset:

  • Abundant listing photos, videos, virtual tours, floor plans, and comprehensive property details
  • Prominent “Schedule a Showing” Call to Action (CTA) for easy engagement
  • Inclusion of neighborhood information and nearby amenities
  • Mortgage calculators and financing tools to assist potential buyers
  • Seamless integration with social media platforms to enhance visibility
  • Custom branding and straightforward agent contact options
  • Access to downloadable property flyers for potential buyers
  • An immersive property presentation devoid of distracting elements
  • Improved Google ranking and specific search results to boost visibility

It’s worth noting that single-property websites receive 55% more traffic than other listing sites, showing their effectiveness in capturing potential buyers’ attention.

Next, our second real estate marketing tip is all about the listing’s photos you’ll use on your single property website.

2. Use Professionally Edited Photos

The importance of first impressions cannot be overstated. In the current digital era, buyers rely extensively on the internet, browsing through hundreds of listing photos as they search for their dream home.

It’s crucial to remember that your listing only has a brief moment to pique the interest of a prospective buyer.

Therefore, captivating photos are essential. And to get attention, you need superior listing photos. 

Not convinced? Take a look at the following statistics: 

  • 87% of homebuyers report that the photos are the most valuable feature of a listing
  • 97% of home buyers say that they rely on the images to help decide which homes to see in person
  • 68% of buyers interviewed said that great images were what made them schedule a showing

So, your listing photos must be of the highest quality. Therefore, you’ll want professionally edited images.

To learn more, check out this—article on how to choose the right real estate photo editing service

Our next real estate marketing tip for agents is how to make quality listing photos extraordinary.

3. Take Advantage of Virtual Staging

Virtual staging takes excellent real estate photos and makes them even better by adding furnishings and decor, eliminating clutter, and even making virtual repairs and updates.

By digitally enhancing any room or space, you can show any buyer a property’s full potential and showcase it in its best light.

Studies show that virtual stating is an effective real estate marketing tool:

  • Homes that are marketed with staging close 75% faster than those that are not
  • 83% of staged listings receive offers at the asking price or above

Still not sure about virtual staging? Then look at some stunning examples of this technology in this article — What Is Virtual Staging in Real Estate? (Examples Included).

All right, our next marketing tip utilizes the latest 3D technologies excitingly and beneficially.

4. Virtual House Tours Sell Listings

A virtual house tour offers buyers the convenience of exploring a property from the comfort of their computer, tablet, or phone, providing a realistic online experience that comes remarkably close to an in-person visit.

Don’t underestimate how popular and influential this marketing tool is. The positive impact of virtual house tours is clearly shown in the following statistics:

  • A substantial 54% of buyers will not even contemplate visiting a property if it lacks a virtual tour
  • Homes featuring a virtual tour receive a remarkable 87% more views compared to those without
  • Listings that incorporate virtual tours close 31% faster than those that do not offer this immersive experience

Read more about this powerful marketing tool in this article on how to create a virtual house tour.

Another marketing tip for real estate agents is to use another form of home tour, this time harnessing video to cast a listing in its best light.

5. Don’t Forget a Video Walk Through Tour

A real estate walk-through video tour takes potential buyers on a comprehensive journey through the entire property, often accompanied by narration and music.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), incorporating video tours into real estate listings can lead to a 157% improvement in search results.

For example, consider the striking statistics below:

  • Zillow reports that listings with video tours tend to sell, on average,14% faster than listings lacking this feature
  • Video tours are 2X more likely to forge an emotional connection between the buyer and the property
  • 31% of sales agents utilize video tours to enhance their SEO efforts
  • Real estate listings featuring a video receive an impressive 403% more inquiries compared to those without

Furthermore, video tours provide several key advantages:

  • They allow the real estate photographer or agent to guide the tour, emphasizing the property’s most appealing features
  • Video tours can effectively highlight the better features of fixer-upper homes
  • Finally, utilizing video tours is incredibly user-friendly – simply press play

For a more in-depth exploration of how easy it is to create these videos, look at our article, how to shoot a real estate video.

Okay, next, we explore a marketing tip that is affordable and easy to use. 

6. Buyer’s Love Floor Plans

AgentUp 2D and 3D Floor Plans
AgentUp 2D and 3D Floor Plans

Our next marketing tip is to use floor plans on all your listings. 

Floor plans are crucial for showing prospective homebuyers a property’s dimensions and layout.

These plans typically offer detailed information such as room measurements, door openings, and wall lengths, providing potential buyers with insights into the suitability of the space for their furniture and lifestyle.

The demand for floor plans has grown significantly, with the following data underscoring their importance:

  • 64% of buyers expect to find floor plans included in every listing they encounter
  • Additionally, 51% of buyers attribute their decision to view a home or not to the presence of floor plans

In light of these statistics, it’s clear that incorporating floor plans into every listing is an easy way to please potential buyers.

Next, we discuss our last marketing tip for agents – drone photography.

7. The Drama of Drone Photography 

Among the many listing images buyers come across, the striking visuals genuinely grab their attention.

Drone photography is the perfect tool for capturing breathtaking aerial photos and videos, guaranteeing that your listing (and marketing skill) stands out and commands immediate attention.

In recent years, aerial photography has surged as a critical asset in real estate marketing, something buyers and sellers expect from their agents. 

The following statistics demonstrate this:

  • 70% of agents report an increase in the importance of drone photography since 2020
  • 83% of sellers and buyers prefer to work with a real estate agent who incorporates drone photography into their marketing efforts

One further benefit is that these dramatic images can divert buyers’ attention away from any minor property flaws, making it an even more valuable tool in the real estate marketing toolkit.

So, take advantage of the captivating images and aerial perspective of the neighborhood and the surrounding area offered by drones.

Finally, let’s discuss a sometimes overlooked bonus marketing tip for real estate agents.

A Bonus Marketing Tip – Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

marketing tips for real estate agents

Marketing is both a time-consuming and essential aspect of real estate. 

Tasks like showing houses, advising sellers, and preparing properties for listing can occupy a significant portion of a real estate professional’s time, leaving them with limited opportunities to market themselves effectively. 

Our bonus marketing tip is this – hire a virtual assistant to coordinate all your marketing efforts. 

Here are just a few examples of marketing tasks that our virtual assistants can assist you with:

  • Managing projects, including the real estate marketing tips we have discussed
  • Coordinating transactions
  • Updating and responding to client inquiries
  • Lead generation and qualifying
  • Scheduling showings, meetings, and events
  • And much more!

And this is where AgentUp really adds value. We provide virtual assistants tailored explicitly to the real estate industry, available for hire as needed. 

AgentUp has a decade-long track record of building virtual teams in the Philippines. 

Moreover, with a substantial team of virtual assistants, we have the capacity and experience to connect you with the ideal virtual personal assistant.

We’ll match you with a virtual assistant with the appropriate educational background, skill set, and experience level to meet your requirements.

Why wait? Take the first step today, and you won’t regret it! 

Schedule a free consultation with us to discover how AgentUp’s virtual assistants can significantly impact your real estate career.

We hope you liked this post on marketing tips for real estate agents to stand out in a crowded market. 

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