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High-quality digital marketing for real estate agents is essential for success in today’s online sales environment. 

Real estate agents who use digital marketing to promote their listings and services generate 33% more commissions. 

Unfortunately, many agents in the industry are convinced that digital marketing is beyond their reach due to the cost.  

But the truth is that high-quality digital marketing for real estate agents costs less than a decent bottle of wine.

So, in this post, we’ll show you how the right digital marketing for real estate agents can increase sales commissions – and all for around the cost of a bottle of Pinot Noir. 

However, let’s first talk about the necessity of effective real estate digital marketing.

The Necessity of Real Estate Digital Marketing for Agents

digital marketing for real estate agents

There are many misconceptions about digital marketing for real estate agents. For example, many agents believe the following myths:

  • Digital marketing is more expensive than traditional methods
  • Online marketing takes hours to manage effectively
  • It’s difficult to reach your target audience using digital marketing

However, numerous studies easily refute those myths. For example, consider the following facts:

  • 97% of buyers start their home search online
  • 74% of sellers use the internet to find an agent
  • Social media is almost twice as effective for lead generation as the MLS 
  • Agents report that 38% of new clients came from social media
  • 89% of homebuyers use Facebook as part of their search

Overall, digital marketing in real estate encompasses a wide range of tactics and tools – everything from websites and blogs to online ads and Facebook posts. 

Therefore, which forms of real estate digital marketing are most effective for agents who want to increase their commissions?

We’re glad you asked. 

Two of the most effective real estate digital marketing tools for agents are single property websites and virtual tours.

However, many agents believe that these digital marketing tools are expensive and hard to set up. Well, we’re here to set the record straight.

AgentUp’s digital marketing micro-pricing plan provides two single property websites and two virtual tours per month for an affordable $19 a month.

Moreover, these powerful digital marketing solutions can be set up in less than 10 minutes. Yes, they’re really that easy.

Think about this for a moment. With AgentUp’s plan, you get the most effective, easy-to-use digital marketing tools each month for less than the cost of that bottle of wine. 

Let’s take a closer look at two forms of digital marketing for real estate agents that outperform the rest. 

Proven Solutions – Property Websites & Virtual Tours 

All right, let’s explore these two powerful real estate digital marketing tools in more detail.

1. Single Property Websites 

digital marketing for real estate agents

A recent survey showed that single-property websites receive 55% more traffic than other online marketing sites.

A single property website promotes a specific property without distractions or competition.

An outstanding advantage of single property websites is they can feature other highly effective real estate digital marketing tools, such as the following:

  • Professionally edited listing photos
  • Virtually staged images of the property
  • Video walk-through tours
  • Floor plans
  • And downloadable property flyers

Further, these sites allow real estate agents to promote the property’s best selling points, amenities, and location through high-quality images and descriptive content.

Even better, these property websites include integrated lead capture forms, simplifying the process of gathering contact information and email addresses from potential buyers.

Additionally, the effortless integration with social media platforms ensures that sharing your listing website across all social networks is a breeze. 

There really isn’t a better way to market a listing online than a single property website. Consider all the information this site can contain:

  • Abundant listing photos, videos, virtual tours, floor plans, and property details
  • Easy to see “Schedule a Showing” Call to Action (CTA)
  • Neighborhood info and amenities
  • Mortgage calculators and financing tools
  • Seamless social media integration
  • Custom branding and agent contact
  • In-depth property presentation with no distractions
  • Improved Google ranking and specific search results
  • Incorporates lead-capture technology

With AgentUp’s affordable pricing plan, you get two websites monthly. 

Additionally, AgentUp’s monthly plan gives you the other most powerful real estate digital marketing tool – virtual tours.

2. Virtual House Tours

Virtual house tours are a cutting-edge method for potential buyers to explore a property from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

These online tours offer a remarkably immersive and lifelike experience, allowing buyers the freedom to tour the property at their convenience, 24/7. It’s like having an open house that never closes.

A virtual house tour comes with a host of marketing advantages:

  • Buyers have complete autonomy during the tour, enabling them to scrutinize each room or area from the vantage point of their choice
  • The buyers control the pace of the tour, determining how much time they spend in each room and ensuring a thorough evaluation
  • Additionally, most virtual tours provide measurements and dimensions, empowering buyers to assess whether a space aligns with their requirements

Real estate virtual tours are exceptional tools for showcasing listings remotely, capturing the attention of potential homebuyers. 

Moreover, they offer an experience that simulates being physically present, delivering a comprehensive property overview.

Furthermore, sharing these virtual house tours on social media platforms and uploading them to YouTube can significantly enhance your website’s lead generation and referral traffic.

With AgentUp’s plan, you can create two virtual tours every month, offering potential buyers a dynamic, interactive experience.

Next, we will share a secret for how any agent can maximize their real estate digital marketing – virtual assistants (VA).

Let a Real Estate VA Maximize Your Digital Marketing

A real estate virtual assistant is a remote business professional who follows your specific instructions, taking over time-consuming real estate sales and marketing tasks.

AgentUp Real Estate Virtual Assistants
AgentUp Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are cost-effective and highly adaptable, making them an ideal choice for various marketing tasks. These tasks include:

  • Marketing Campaigns – a virtual assistant can craft and execute marketing campaigns tailored to your target audience
  • Social Media – they manage your social media presence by curating engaging content, scheduling posts, and engaging with your audience
  • Answering Client Questions – virtual assistants can respond to client inquiries and provide them with the information they need
  • Lead Qualifying – a VA can help qualify leads so you can prioritize and focus your efforts on the most promising prospects

AgentUp makes it easy to hire dedicated virtual real estate assistants full-time or part-time. 

Our assistants are carefully matched to your needs, possessing the requisite educational background, skill set, and experience necessary to enhance productivity.

So, by adding an AgentUp virtual assistant to your team, you can effectively implement digital marketing strategies and increase your chances of earning more commissions. 

We invite you to schedule a free consultation today to explore how our virtual assistants can complement and elevate your real estate business.

Effective Real Estate Digital Marketing With AgentUp

digital marketing for real estate agents
AgentUp Single Property Websites

By offering two single property websites and two virtual tours per month, AgentUp’s micro-pricing plan enhances an agent’s digital marketing efforts in the following ways:

  • By featuring attractive and compelling single-property websites, you’ll expand your online reach significantly
  • You’ll increase buyer engagement through interactive virtual tours, providing them with easy access to any property
  • Also, you’ll diversify your online presence, highlighting your tech skills as an agent

We’re an industry leader, integrating cutting-edge technology into real estate digital marketing for agents and delivering captivating content for online platforms.

Moreover, we provide a comprehensive range of cost-effective real estate marketing tools.

So, take the next step toward more sales commissions. Sign up for a free AgentUp account today!

Thank you for reading this post on how AgentUp’s digital marketing for real estate agents can increase your sales commissions for the cost of a bottle of Pinot Noir.

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