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Real estate sales are dominated by digital and online marketing. In fact, 97% of buyers start their home search online.

Many agents believe that effective real estate digital marketing is expensive and likely beyond their reach.

However, they are wrong. There are effective and affordable real estate digital marketing solutions out there. 

In this post, we will show you how to get effective real estate digital marketing for less than a decent bottle of wine.

However, let’s first talk about the necessity of effective real estate digital marketing.

Affordable and Effective Real Estate Digital Marketing

real estate digital marketing

In today’s digital age, a robust online presence is a non-negotiable aspect of any real estate agent’s marketing toolkit. 

If you want prospective clients to see your listings and services, you need to be where those clients are – which is online. And there’s more to real estate digital marketing than just Zillow.

For example, consider the following facts:

  • There are 4.7 billion social media users
  • Social media is almost twice as effective for lead generation as the MLS 
  • Agents report that 38% of new clients came from social media
  • 89% of homebuyers use Facebook as part of their search

Next, take a look at these corresponding statistics:

  • 47% of Realtors say they are comfortable using social media for advertising
  • Only 26% of real estate agents use YouTube
  • Less than 30% of sales agents use social media management tools

The numbers clearly show the importance of digital marketing for real estate sales. They also show that most agents are not taking advantage of low-hanging marketing fruit.

So, why aren’t more real estate sales agents taking advantage of digital marketing? 

The answer is that they mistakenly think that real estate digital marketing is too expensive and, therefore, out of their reach. 

Digital marketing in real estate encompasses a wide range of tactics, from creating captivating property websites to producing immersive virtual tours. 

Many real estate agents, especially those just starting or operating on a tight budget, may hesitate to invest in digital marketing platforms due to perceived high costs.

Enter AgentUp’s revolutionary micro-pricing plan, offering two single property websites and two virtual tours per month for an unbelievably affordable $19 a month.

To put this into perspective, consider that the average price of a decent bottle of wine can easily surpass $20. 

Next, let’s discuss what you get for this affordable price.

The Power of Single Property Websites and Virtual Tours

With AgentUp’s plan, you get not one but two single property websites and two virtual tours each month, all for less than the cost of that bottle of wine. 

1. Single Property Websites

A single property website is a digital showcase of a specific property. It’s a single website dedicated to just one listing. 

real estate digital marketing
AgentUp Single Property Website

It’s a powerful digital tool that allows real estate agents to highlight the property’s unique features, and amenities. Here’s an overview of a single property website’s key features and advantages:

  • Abundant space for property details
  • Prominent “Schedule a Showing” Call to Action (CTA)
  • Neighborhood info and amenities
  • Mortgage calculators and financing tools
  • Seamless social media integration
  • Custom branding and agent contact
  • In-depth property presentation with no distractions
  • Improved Google ranking and specific search results
  • Incorporates lead-capture technology

According to a recent survey, single-property websites receive 55% more traffic than other listing sites.

Single property websites can also be used to leverage other real estate digital marketing tools, such as the following:

  • Professionally edited listing photos
  • Virtually staged images of the property
  • Video walk-through tours
  • Floor plans
  • And downloadable property flyers
AgentUp Real Estate Flyers
AgentUp Real Estate Flyers

What’s even better is that these property websites include integrated lead capture forms, simplifying the process of gathering contact information and email addresses from potential buyers.

Additionally, the effortless integration with social media platforms ensures that sharing your listing website across all social networks is a breeze. This means more visibility for your listing and an increase in referral traffic to your website.

With AgentUp’s affordable pricing plan, you get two websites monthly. 

This enables you to market two properties to their fullest potential, doubling your chances of attracting potential buyers.

Agent’s monthly plan gives you another powerful real estate digital marketing tool – virtual tours.

2. Virtual House Tours

Virtual tours have revolutionized the way properties are experienced online. And with AgentUp’s affordable plan, you get two virtual tours a month.

Instead of solely relying on static images, potential buyers can virtually “walk through” a property.

A virtual house tour has many uses and benefits, such as:

  • The buyer has full control over the tour, allowing them to inspect any room or area from their chosen angle or perspective 
  • Furthermore, the buyer can dictate the tour’s pace and decide how much time they want to spend in each room
  • Additionally, most virtual tours include measurements and dimensions, enabling buyers to assess whether a space meets their requirements

Real estate virtual tours serve as outstanding tools for presenting listings remotely and grabbing the interest of potential homebuyers. 

Additionally, they offer an experience that comes remarkably close to being physically present, providing a comprehensive overview of the space.

Finally, sharing these virtual tours on social media and uploading them on YouTube will generate more leads and referral traffic to your website.

With AgentUp’s plan, you can create two virtual tours every month, providing a rich, interactive experience to potential buyers for multiple properties.

Overall, it’s an investment that offers a substantial return on in terms of exposure, lead generation, and, ultimately, closed deals.

Affordable Real Estate Digital Marketing With AgentUp

AgentUp’s micro-pricing plan extends far beyond its affordable cost. 

By offering two single property websites and two virtual tours per month, the plan creates a ripple effect that amplifies an agent’s digital marketing reach in the following ways:

  • With increased exposure with more property websites and virtual tours at your disposal, you can cast a wider marketing net
  • Enhanced engagement – using interactive virtual tours offers a unique way for potential buyers to connect with properties. 
  • Having a diverse portfolio, the ability to create websites and tours for multiple properties allows you to cater to different buyer preferences

AgentUp’s plan offers a cost-efficient way to market properties effectively without breaking the bank.

And there’s more. AgentUp can also help you hire full-time or part-time virtual real estate assistants to help you implement and use these powerful tools to sell all your listings quickly and for higher prices. 

real estate digital marketing
AgentUp Virtual Assistant

Further, we offer a full array of effective real estate marketing tools at affordable prices. We’re an industry leader in implementing cutting-edge technology in real estate digital marketing and offering attention-getting content for online use. 

So, take the next step toward improving your digital marketing efforts.  

Contact AgentUp today and learn how we can help you grow your real estate business. 

Thank you for reading this article on how effective real estate digital marketing is cheaper than a decent bottle of wine.

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