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By working with a real estate marketing virtual assistant, many sales agents have expanded their business reach and secured more clients.

A real estate marketing virtual assistant manages your marketing efforts, promoting your services and your listings.

Consistent, well-timed marketing messages online, across social media, and in email are vital for real estate business growth. Pulling out all the marketing stops once a new listing goes live leads to quicker and higher sales.

So, in this post, we’ll explain how a real estate marketing virtual assistant can help you grow your business. 

But first, let’s look more closely at what a real estate marketing virtual assistant is.

The Role of a Real Estate Marketing Virtual Assistant

A real estate marketing virtual assistant is a remote worker you direct via telephone, video conferencing, and email. 

real estate marketing virtual assistant

They perform the marketing tasks you assign them. Today’s technology makes working with virtual assistants easy and seamless.

Real estate marketing virtual assistants are typically tech-savvy, well-trained, and understand the real estate industry and how to effectively market your services and listings. 

Working with virtual assistants has become more popular than you might think. In fact, more than two-thirds of businesses have hired a virtual assistant since 2021.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Productivity – a virtual worker doesn’t have to deal with office distractions, and as a result, their productivity is 4.4% higher than those working in an office
  • Cost Effectiveness – 70% of businesses experience significant cost savings and explain that it is the main reason for using outsourced workers
  • Time Savings – 50% of the top 10 Real Estate Teams employ virtual assistants and cite the time saved as the reason why

Agents who succeed in the real estate business know that their time is better spent finding new clients than handling ongoing, routine marketing tasks and the details. 

As you can see, using the services of a real estate marketing virtual assistant is, therefore, all about expanding your reach and effectively getting your marketing message heard, which, in turn, translates to an improved bottom line for your real estate business.

With that in mind, let’s look more closely at how a real estate marketing virtual assistant can help you grow your business.

Sell Listings With a Real Estate Marketing Virtual Assistant

real estate marketing virtual assistant

Marketing your listings is essential to quick sales at solid prices. The market has become more competitive, and vigorously promoting your listings is vital.

Today, real estate marketing is much more than putting photos on the MLS. Here are just 3 ideas of how a real estate marketing assistant can promote your listings.

1. Single Property Websites

Over the past few years, single property websites have shown themselves to be effective real estate marketing solutions. 

Single Property Websites by AgentUp
Single Property Websites by AgentUp

These single websites showcase just one listing, ensuring no distractions or competing properties vying for the buyers’ attention.

A single property website can be used to share the following information about the listing:

  • Room sizes and amenities
  • Recent updates and additions
  • Property taxes and average utility costs
  • Neighborhood details and attractions

Moreover, these sites make it easy for interested parties to schedule showings or contact the listing agent.

And here, again, is where your real estate marketing virtual assistant plays a valuable role. They can help confirm showings and answer buyer questions. 

They can even get the site launched and share it across platforms. 

Next is another listing marketing tool your virtual assistant can help you with. 

2. Floor Plans

Buyers love floor plans, and your marketing virtual assistant can help produce one for each of your listings. 

2D and 3D Floor Plan by AgentUp
2D and 3D Floor Plan by AgentUp

First, your VA can work with the seller to collect the dimensions of each room and space and the placement of windows, doors, and closets.

Then, using that information, they can create a detailed, valuable floor plan to help promote the listing. 

And while floor plans might seem simple, they are powerful sales tools, as the following numbers show:

  • 64% of homebuyers expect to encounter floor plans when looking at listings
  • Listings with floor plans sell 50% faster than those without this visual tool
  • Further, 51% of buyers reported that floor plans played a significant role in determining whether or not to make an offer

Clearly, floor plans are an essential sales tool, and your real estate marketing virtual assistant can ensure you have a floor plan on all your listings. 

Now, there’s one more powerful tool your real estate marketing virtual assistant can use on all your listings. 

3. Host a 24-7 Open House With a Virtual Tour

Virtual house tours use images captured by a 360-degree camera to seamlessly craft an immersive digital tour that emulates an in-person walkthrough.

Having a virtual tour online as part of your marketing is like holding a 24-7 open house where potential buyers can access the property whenever they want.

Additionally, virtual tours can be used with email and live chat to answer interested buyers’ questions and provide them with the information they need to decide on the property. 

And here’s where you can use your real estate marketing virtual assistant to your advantage:

  • They can help you create a virtual house tour
  • Your VA can answer buyers’ email questions
  • They can staff the live chat function during busy showing hours
  • And they can ensure the virtual tour is widely shared across social media

Having your marketing virtual assistant help with virtual tours will help speed up any sale.

Sell Yourself With a Real Estate Marketing Virtual Assistant

real estate marketing virtual assistant

Real estate marketing always involves two parts – promoting your listings and your business services. 

Obviously, marketing your listings also sells your business services, showing the public what you offer. But there’s much more to marketing yourself and your business than just your listings.

For example, think of all the ongoing marketing tasks your VA can do to promote your services:

  • Coordinate mailers and postcards to target neighborhoods
  • Manage, write, and post content for social media
  • Maintain a real estate business blog
  • Also, leverage your CRM platforms for maximum outreach

And those are only a few essential marketing tasks your virtual assistant can do for you. 

Perhaps even more important, your marketing virtual assistant can help you with lead generation, the heart of any business growth strategy.

Your marketing VA can perform the following:

  • Qualify your buyer and seller leads by telephone or online
  • Add new clients to your CRM system
  • And answer questions and provide information to potential clients

In terms of wise business investment, consider how a VA would quickly pay for themselves and more if they secured just one monthly transaction.

All right, now that you see the value of a real estate marketing assistant, how do you hire one? AgentUp is here to help!

Hire a Real Estate Marketing Virtual Assistant Today!

real estate marketing virtual assistant

AgentUp can match you with the perfect real estate marketing virtual assistant.

For a decade, AgentUp and its sister company, PhotoUp, have been creating virtual teams in the Philippines and equipping them with the technology they need to support your business. 

We have a well-trained staff of hundreds of virtual assistants who understand the US real estate market and how to market to it. 

Further, our seasoned virtual assistants use the latest and best technology, are proficient in English, and are accustomed to working across time zones.

Whether you need a full-time or a part-time virtual assistant, we have the right one.

So, talk to us. Here at AgentUp, we’ll answer your questions, explain the process, and not pressure you. 

Schedule a free consultation today and take the first step to business growth in the year ahead. 

Thanks for reading this article. We hope you benefited from this post on what is a real estate marketing assistant.

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