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Real estate floor plans have experienced a recent popularity boom among real estate sales professionals and home buyers. 

Floor plans offer potential buyers valuable visuals, showing them the spatial features of the listing.

As more agents are using floor plans to market their listings, the question becomes, where do you get the best floor plans? 

Therefore, this post will review and rate the best real estate floor plan providers in 2024.

However, let’s first look at why real estate floor plans are so popular.

The Popularity of Real Estate Floor Plans

Why are real estate floor plans so popular in sales right now? There are various reasons for their popularity, but the primary reason is that they convey extremely useful information.

3D Real Estate Floor Plan by AgentUp
3D Real Estate Floor Plan by AgentUp

Prospective buyers can efficiently gather essential details from a floor plan, including the following:

  • The layout of the home is readily apparent through the floor plan
  • Interior features, such as closet and storage space, are clearly depicted, along with exterior elements like decks, balconies, garden areas, or a pool
  • Precise measurements of each room or space are provided in a well-crafted floor plan

For example, a quality real estate floor plan enables potential buyers to visualize:

  • The placement of their furniture within the space
  • Ideal locations for hanging and displaying artwork
  • Optimal ways to utilize specific rooms and spaces

It’s hard to argue that floor plans aren’t useful. But do they really help sell properties? The answer is yes, as the following numbers indicate:

  • A majority of home buyers – 64% – express a preference for viewing floor plans when perusing property listings
  • Floor plans within listings garner approximately 7.5 more views than listings with just area maps
  • Properties featuring 3D floor plans experience a 50% reduction in time spent on the market
  • The decision-making process of 51% of buyers is positively influenced by the inclusion of floor plans in property listings

Real estate floor plans help serious buyers make up their minds about a listing — thus making a sale more likely to happen quickly and for better terms.

Now that you understand the value of real estate floor plans, let’s explore the best 7 providers as we head into 2024. 

7 Best Real Estate Floor Plan Providers in 2024

7 Best Real Estate Floor Plan Providers in 2024

To make it easier for you to find the top floor plans, we’ve reviewed the best real estate floor plan services, and here are our top 7 providers in preferred order.

1. PhotoUp

PhotoUp stands out as a global leader in real estate marketing services, and this is easily seen through its exceptional 2D and 3D real estate floor plans. 

PhotoUp 2D and 3D Real Estate Floor Plans
PhotoUp 2D and 3D Real Estate Floor Plans

They are AgentUp’s sister company and, for the past decade, have offered high-quality real estate marketing solutions. 

Their affordable and professional floor plans are easy to create and provide buyers with all the information they need to make informed decisions about a property. 

Besides the low cost of their floor plans, they are aesthetically appealing, capturing buyers’ attention with eye-catching renderings and tons of helpful information. 

What’s even more impressive is that our #1 recommendation for floor plan service makes getting real estate floor plans straightforward in just 3 easy steps:

1) Property Sketch – begin with a basic sketch, highlighting room names, dimensions, and the property’s orientation.

2) Account Setup – then sign-up for a free PhotoUp account. Once registered (which takes less than a minute), upload your prepared sketch and any additional supporting materials.

3) Swift Turnaround – within 24 hours, you’ll receive proof of your customized floor plan. Simple review, approve, and then download the final product.

Price: This streamlined process comes at a cost starting at just 20 credits ($1.60/credit).

2. BoxBrownie

Our second-place real estate floor plan provider is BoxBrownie, the real estate marketing company from down under in Australia.

Real Estate Floor Plans

They offer a range of options for both residential and commercial property, including 2D and 3D renderings that’ll look great.

Additionally, BoxBrownie makes it easy to seamlessly integrate your floor plans with their other marketing tools, such as virtual tours.

Their turnaround time isn’t bad, either, at an average of 24 hours.

Price: BoxBrownie’s color-packed 3D floor plan kicks off at $32.

3. RoomSketcher

Another popular floor plan provider among real estate sales agents is RoomSketcher.

Real Estate Floor Plans

Their easy-to-use online platform lets you create 3D floor plans quickly with no design design skills needed. Since it’s all web-based, you can access it from almost any device. 

Plus, they have an impressive catalog of furniture and fixture templates if you want to place furniture in your floor plans. 

Price: RoomSketcher offers a free version for one user to test the waters. If you decide to dive in, their plans range from $24 to $360 per year, depending on the number of users and projects.

4. Styldod’s Real Estate Floor Plans

Located in Delaware, Styldod is a real estate marketing company that offers a range of floor plan services. 

Real Estate Floor Plans

Their service is easy to use, making it a solid choice for real estate photographers, agents, builders, architects, and homeowners.

Styldod promises turnaround times of less than 36 hours.

Price: They offer two floor plan options:

  1. A 3D basic, black and white floor plan, priced at $19
  2. And a 3D color floor plan option at $24

5. SketchUp

Taking the fifth spot on our list is SketchUp, an industry-standard 3D modeling software known for quality floor plans. 

Real Estate Floor Plans

Their easy, browser-based allows users to craft detailed floor plans, intricate 3D models, and immersive walkthroughs that look pretty good.

Overall, real estate sales agents will appreciate SketchUp’s adaptability and straightforward design process.

Price: Starting at $119 per year for Commercial use and up to $749 for the studio level of service.

6. The 2D 3D Floor Plan Company

The 2D 3D Floor Plan Company is based in India. True to its name, they deliver top-notch, photo-realistic real estate floor plans. 

Real Estate Floor Plans

Their floor plans look good and provide the same basic visual information as the other floor plan service options.

Further, their turnaround time is typically 24 to 48 hours.

Price: A bit pricey; their standard 3D floor plan starts at $89.

7. Virtual Staging & Rendering Group

Virtual Staging & Rendering Group (VSRG) offers 3D floor plan services for commercial and residential real estate sales professionals.

Real Estate Floor Plans

VSRG’s real estate floor plans come with standard features and seamlessly integrate with their other marketing services.

Their turnaround time is a bit slow, at around two business days. However, VSRG does provide a rush service option, albeit at an additional fee.

Price: VSRG is not the most affordable option, starting at $140.

Find the Right Real Estate Floor Plans With AgentUp

AgentUp can immediately connect you with the best real estate floor plans quickly and easily through access to PhotoUp’s outstanding floor plans.

AgentUp Real Estate 2D and 3D Floor Plans
AgentUp Real Estate 2D and 3D Floor Plans

Moreover, we make it easy to get them, too. Simply send us photos, a sketch, and measurements of each room, and we will do the rest.

AgentUp and PhotoUp work together to make quality real estate marketing tools available to sales agents (AgentUp) and real estate photographers (PhotoUp).

And together, we offer more than just floor plans. We offer you a full range of marketing support to sell any listing quickly and for higher prices, including:

So, why wait?  

Contact AgentUp today for valuable insights on real estate marketing trends and instant access to the best marketing solutions, including floor plans.

Reach out today! We’re here to help you grow your business in 2024 and beyond.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope today’s blog post helped you learn the best real estate floor plans available in 2024.

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