How to sell a home fast is a challenge that real estate agents frequently face.

Your seller is in a hurry – they need to move – now – and they are putting pressure on you to sell the home fast. 

Experienced agents know how to face this challenge head-on – the trick is to vigorously market the house, pulling out all the stops the minute it hits the market. 

In this blog post, we’ll show how to sell a home fast using the right real estate marketing tools. 

9 Powerful Marketing Tools to Sell a Home Fast

You can get a home to sell fast by leveraging creative and proven marketing solutions. Let’s take a look at 9 tools that will help!

1. Make Sure to Use Professional Photography

83% of prospective buyers have emphasized the importance of photographs in their decision-making process when selecting properties to visit. 

Furthermore, statistics show homes featuring high-quality images sell approximately 32% faster than those without professionally edited photos.

This underscores the critical significance of presenting your home in the best possible light through top-notch photography to captivate the interest of potential homebuyers. 

First, this means always having your listing photos professionally edited.

And second, this is where the expertise of a professional real estate photographer becomes invaluable.

A seasoned photographer can leverage the proper lighting, precise angles, and captivating details to create listing photos that impress potential buyers and encourage them to schedule a personal viewing. 

Investing in a professional real estate photographer is a wise move when trying to sell a home fast.

2. Make Clear the Home’s Full Potential With Virtual Staging

Sometimes, you need to ramp up your listing photos to grab the attention of potential buyers and inspire them to envision themselves living in the space.

With the assistance of virtual staging, you can show the home’s full potential using a variety of interior design styles and digital furniture and decor. 

This innovative tool enables you to experiment with different furniture arrangements and decorative themes to discover the perfect combination to excite buyers.

Moreover, this remarkable technology can do repainting, furniture replacement, enhance landscaping, or even address home repairs, all at an affordable price, typically ranging from $25 to $30 per image. 

Virtual staging proves to be a stunning 97% more economical compared to traditional staging methods. Just imagine the substantial savings you can achieve!

Overall, the possibilities are boundless when it comes to harnessing the potential of this powerful marketing tool.

3. Offer a 24-7 Open House With a Virtual Tour

Virtual house tours use images captured by a 360-degree camera to seamlessly craft an immersive digital tour that emulates an in-person walkthrough.

Once your virtual tour is online, it’s like holding a 24-7 open house where buyers can walk through the property whenever they want.

Additionally, most seasoned real estate photographers and agents understand traditional photos’ limitations when presenting a property. 

However, with a 3D virtual tour or a real estate video, viewers can immerse themselves in a much more comprehensive experience as they virtually “navigate” the space from any location.

This allows potential buyers to gain a deeper understanding of what it would be like to reside or work within the premises, a factor that can prove pivotal in securing a fast sale.

Moreover, AgentUp virtual tours are easy to create. Look at this article on a step-by-step guide to creating a virtual house tour.

All right, let’s move on to our 4th marketing tool – floor plans.

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4. Feature a Floor Plan 

A floor plan serves as a precise and clear representation of a property’s layout, showing the dimensions of each room and space.

2D and 3D Floor Plan by AgentUp
2D and 3D Floor Plan by AgentUp

Floor plans have become remarkably popular among buyers, as illustrated by the following statistics:

  • 64% of prospective homebuyers expect to see floor plans when looking through listings
  • Properties featuring floor plans tend to sell a noteworthy 50% faster than those lacking this visual aid
  • A significant 51% of buyers affirm that floor plans played a pivotal role in their decision-making process

In fact, a recent survey conducted by Zillow revealed that over 80% of buyers found floor plans instrumental in assisting them in evaluating a potential future residence.

Clearly, floor plans are an indispensable tool for buyers, making it easier to see how their furniture will fit within the space, making it more likely you’ll sell the home fast.

5. Have a Single Property Website 

AgentUp Single Property Website
AgentUp Single Property Website

Single property websites rank high on our list of essential real estate marketing tools, offering a range of impressive features and advantages:

  • These websites are dedicated to showcasing a single listing, ensuring there are no distractions or competing properties stealing the spotlight
  • They provide a platform to effortlessly feature stunning photos, video walk-throughs, and virtual tours, allowing potential buyers to experience the property visually
  • Single property websites offer ample space to provide in-depth descriptions and information about the listing, giving potential buyers a comprehensive understanding of the property’s features and benefits
  • It’s easy for interested parties to schedule showings or contact the listing agent, streamlining the communication and viewing process

In addition, leveraging single property websites proves to be an intelligent strategy for enhancing your brand, showcasing positive client reviews, and maintaining a steady flow of leads. 

These websites also offer the capacity to host an extensive amount of information about the listing, including photos and supplementary content that may not be shared on the MLS, further piquing the interest of potential buyers.

Next, let’s look at another marketing tool to help sell a home fast – walk-through videos.

6. The Power of Walk-Through Videos to Sell a Home Fast

Real estate walk-through videos are loved by most buyers due to their user-friendliness and the wealth of information they convey.

Typically spanning 3 to 5 minutes, these video tours can be easily created using a smartphone. They excel in highlighting various aspects of a property, including:

  • Showcasing the exterior of the home, along with its surrounding yard or outdoor spaces
  • Providing a room-by-room narrated tour, where you can spotlight the property’s positive attributes
  • Giving viewers insights into closets and storage areas
  • Presenting any distinctive or appealing aspects of the property that may capture the interest of potential buyers

An exceptional advantage of video walk-through tours is that, as the sales agent, you can guide the tour personally. 

Additionally, this hands-on approach lets you emphasize and draw attention to the property’s most compelling selling points, providing prospective buyers with a more engaging and informative viewing experience.

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7. Dazzle Buyers With Drone Photography

Over the past few years, drone photography has become a common feature of most listings. In fact, it’s so popular today that many sellers will only work with a listing agent who can provide it. 

Drones allow for aerial photos of a property. Usually, these photos are dramatic and, therefore, quickly capture the attention of buyers. 

There are several other advantages to drone photography, including the following:

  • Aerial photos provide a view of a property’s location as well as everything around it
  • Therefore, drone images can show the neighborhood and nearby attractions
  • It’s great for showing off backyard features – such as a pool, outdoor cooking area, hot tubs, patios, and decks

Perhaps most importantly, homes listed with drone photos sell 68% faster than homes without such photos. 

8. Take Advantage of Social Media

Heading into 2024, social media is set to assume an even more significant role in digital marketing for real estate.

With over a billion users across various social media apps and platforms, it’s a logical step to harness the power of social media for promoting your property listings and services. 

Furthermore, most social media platforms are cost-free, making their integration into your comprehensive marketing strategy a win-win proposition.

Consider two distinct marketing advantages that social media brings to the table:

  • Social media platforms provide an easy avenue to share photos and links of your listings with both current and potential clients
  • Maintaining a presence on social media serves to showcase your technological prowess and adaptability in the real estate industry

Many social media platforms can directly engage with potential buyers and sellers through chat and messaging, fostering meaningful connections and communication.

Therefore, sharing the listing widely across social media is an excellent way to help sell a home quickly.

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9. Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real estate virtual assistant

Real estate is a significant, time-consuming investment and an indispensable aspect of the industry. 

Many, if not most, real estate sales professionals find themselves stretched thin, juggling house showings, seller consultations, and property preparations, leaving limited time for effective marketing.

To enhance your marketing efforts, here’s a valuable tip: Consider leveraging the services of a virtual assistant to streamline your real estate marketing tasks.

A well-trained virtual assistant excels in a range of real estate-related marketing activities, including:

  • Optimizing digital marketing tools discussed earlier
  • Managing and promptly responding to client inquiries
  • Scheduling showings, meetings, and events
  • Promoting the property in a consistent and focused manner
  • And much more!

This is where AgentUp stands out. We specialize in providing virtual assistants explicitly tailored to the real estate industry, available as needed.

Reach out to us to schedule a free consultation and explore how AgentUp’s virtual assistants can significantly impact your real estate career and help you sell homes fast.

So, as you can see, to speed up the selling process, finding a good and reliable real estate marketing partner is essential, which we’ll look at next.

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how to sell a home fast
AgentUp Custom House Portrait

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  • Real estate photo editing
  • Virtual staging
  • Single property websites
  • Floor plans
  • Video editing
  • Property flyers
  • Custom house portraits
  • And Virtual Assistants

So what are you waiting for? 

Contact AgentUp today, and let us connect you with the most powerful real estate marketing tools.

Thanks for reading. We hope this blog post helped you learn how to sell a home fast! Before you go, you may want to check out the following resources:

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