Real estate assistants regularly help agents find new buyers to work with as part of their support role.

A real estate assistant’s tasks include lead generation, marketing, and helping an agent or brokerage find local home buyers. 

In this post, we will explore how a real estate assistant can help you find more buyers.

Let’s get right to the main point!

7 Ways a Real Estate Assistant Can Help Find Home Buyers

A real estate assistant can use the following 7 ways to help connect you with home buyers in your local area. 

1. Targeted Social Media Ads

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A real estate assistant can harness the power of social media, which is vital to any strategy to attract local home buyers. 

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer accessible avenues for engagement with active and potential buyers.

  • Local engagement – using social media ads to pinpoint specific neighborhoods or areas where buyers are looking
  • Targeted ads – your assistant can run a Facebook ad campaign targeted explicitly at home buyers, usually for under $100
  • Link sharing – your assistant can post links to your listings and business website, ensuring potential buyers see them

Consider the limitations of traditional direct mail marketing, where targeting is primarily based on zip codes. By contrast, platforms like Facebook enable your assistant to refine targeting based on zip code, income, and interests. 

Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of Facebook ads outshines traditional postcard mailings.

Using social media, your real estate assistant can customize your marketing to appeal effectively to potential home buyers. Facebook and Instagram are likely your best choices, but don’t neglect LinkedIn either. 

2. How to Find Home Buyers – Placing Google Paid Ads

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Apart from targeting buyers through social media ads, your real estate assistant can market your listings and services via paid advertising.

Many Google ads come at a cost of just pennies per click. 

Utilizing these ads to showcase your listings draws attention to specific properties and enhances your visibility and credibility in the real estate sphere. 

When potential buyers encounter your ad featuring your name or business, they are more likely to contact you.

As a real estate professional, a significant aspect of your marketing strategy revolves around “starting a conversation.” 

A skilled real estate assistant can help initiate and nurture those conversations with prospective clients.

3. Join Social Media Local Groups

Join Social Media Local Groups

Beyond paid ads, joining social media groups offers additional marketing opportunities.

Many social media sites host various local community pages and groups, catering to diverse interests ranging from sports and shopping to shared hobbies. These groups also include real estate communities.

Your real estate assistant can participate in these online communities on your behalf and actively engage in conversations, which can help you connect with local homebuyers.

Have your assistant offer valuable advice and insights, positioning you as a friendly presence and a knowledgeable real estate agent.

The more you interact and build rapport with individuals in these groups, the more likely they will contact you when they’re in the market for their next home.

4. Talk to Other Local Real Estate Professionals

Talk to Other Local Real Estate Professionals

Other real estate professionals can serve as invaluable resources when it comes to helping connect with buyers.

Your real estate assistant can regularly engage in conversations with mortgage lenders, home inspectors, and title company staff.

By cultivating professional networks, you can leverage each other’s resources consistently.

Moreover, initiating alliances with peers in your industry doesn’t require any upfront costs and can yield significant benefits.

Consider going a step further by having your assistant manage a monthly newsletter to keep everyone informed. 

5. Reach Out to Renters

Reach Out to Renters

Another effective method for reaching home buyers in your vicinity is to send mailers to neighborhoods with a significant population of renters. 

It’s a well-known fact that many renters aspire to become homeowners. Astute agents recognize the potential for generating leads by viewing renters as prospective home buyers.

Therefore, have your real estate assistant coordinate sending out mailers showcasing your listings and services to these areas several times a year.

You never know whose mailbox your postcard might land in. Even if they already have their buyers’ agent, your proactive outreach could still result in a successful sale.

6. How to Find Home Buyers – Start a Blog

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When marketing messages provide people with valuable or helpful information, they are more likely to take notice.

Therefore, consider maintaining a weekly blog where you share insights, market trends, and practical real estate tips. With just a little promotion, you can cultivate a growing audience.

You can have your real estate assistant research, write, and post topics that would resonate with your ideal real estate audience, such as:

  • Price trends in various local neighborhoods
  • Insights on expected changes to interest rates
  • Trends in home decorating and interior design
  • Updates on the local inventory of properties for sale
  • And much more

Generally, blogging is an effective strategy for attracting home buyers and maintaining their attention over time.

7. Don’t Neglect Unofficial Local Channels

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Many unofficial channels could help you find home buyers in your area.

While few people read the newspapers anymore, many online local ad sites exist. Not every home buyer goes out and finds an agent right away. 

For example, consider how many people use Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and other similar sites to find items for sale. 

This means that a sizable number of home buyers are looking for homes in non-traditional venues.

By having your real estate assistant target these venues, you also stand to find a home buyer who is unattached to an agent.

Here are even more ways how to double home sales with a real estate assistant.

Now, the above 7 strategies are tried-and-true methods that can all be easily managed by a real estate assistant. But where do you find such an assistant?

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