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As we are approaching the middle of the summer, let’s take a look at a real estate update for July 2024, starting with a checklist for success when working with buyers.

Working With Buyers: A Checklist for Success

Buyers' checklist

As real estate professionals, our success hinges on the satisfaction and success of our clients. 

To ensure that your buyers are well-prepared and confident throughout their home search, we’ve developed a checklist that you can utilize to guide them through this exciting yet complex process.

The following items should be discussed before stepping through the door on the first showing:

Foundational Items

  • Pre-approval letter: Ensure that your buyers can pull the financial trigger when they find the house they want. A digital copy of the pre-approval letter will be a necessary part of any offer.
  • Buyer’s agency agreement: The changes brought about by the NAR lawsuit settlement will make it more important than ever to have a service provision contract signed with our buyers.

The Financials

  • Downpayment: The lender will have informed your buyers regarding the amount needed for a downpayment.
  • Inspection: Money should be set aside for the home inspection process.
  • EMD: Educate your buyers on the purpose of the earnest money deposit and determine the amount needed.
  • Appraisal gap coverage: Can the buyers set aside additional money to cover a low appraisal? Having this money available can be a deciding factor in getting an offer accepted.
  • Homeowners Insurance: Many, if not most, lenders will insist on the buyers paying at closing at least the first month of the homeowner’s policy.

Defining “Dream Home”

  • Detailed lists: Guide your buyers in creating comprehensive lists of “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves.” This will help them focus their search on properties that align with their needs.
  • Lifestyle analysis: Engage in conversations about your buyers’ current lifestyles and future goals. Do they have a growing family? Do they work remotely and need a home office? Understanding their unique needs allows you to tailor your property recommendations accordingly.
  • Location exploration: Share your local expertise by highlighting neighborhoods based on their preferences for commute times, school districts, safety, and amenities. Offer insights into market trends and potential for appreciation.

House Hunting

  • Online resources: Leverage technology to streamline the search process. Utilize online platforms and apps to filter listings based on your buyers’ criteria and share relevant properties with them regularly.
  • Virtual tours: Encourage your buyers to use virtual and video tours to help narrow down properties they will see in person.
  • Showings: Schedule property tours geographically to cut down on travel times. Encourage your clients to ask questions, take notes, and be prepared to offer your insights and expertise on each property.

Remember, your success is intertwined with your buyers’ success. Preparing them before they go out looking at houses will set you both up for a winning home-buying experience. 

What a Transaction Coordinator Can Do for You

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Median Regional Home Prices

As of June 28, 2024 (Zillow)

CityMedian Home PriceIncrease / Decrease
New York $742,930Up 0.3% from the previous year
Chicago $298,397Up 4.5% from the previous year
San Diego$1,035,332Up 12.1% from the previous year
Seattle $884,828Up 4.3% from the previous year
Austin $548,654Down 4.1% from the previous year
Denver $576,355Up 0.6% from the previous year
Atlanta $399,879Up 2.0% from the previous year

National Average Mortgage Interest Rates

As of June 28, 2024 (BankRate)

Mortgage Current RateLast Month
30-year Fixed7.00%7.11%
20-year Fixed6.81%6.92%
15-year Fixed6.47%6.61%
30-year Jumbo7.10%7.26%

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