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There seems to be a persistent myth about how much a real estate virtual assistant costs, leading agents to believe it is more expensive than it really is.  

Many agents assume that real estate virtual assistants are expensive and, therefore, fail to take advantage of what a well-trained assistant can do for their business.

However, real estate virtual assistants are affordable and an investment in business growth that pays for itself. 

In this article, we detail how much a real estate virtual assistant costs and explain why hiring one is an intelligent business decision.

In the Real Estate Sales Business, Time Equals Money

The familiar saying “time is money” rings particularly true in real estate sales. 

real estate virtual assistant cost

As a real estate professional, you know that time is a precious and finite resource. Given the constant flurry of tasks on your agenda, it’s essential to discern which activities drive revenue.

For example, ask yourself how many clamoring for my attention directly contributes to my bottom line.  Yes, many daily tasks involved in real estate sales are necessary. But you’ll quickly see that much of what you do doesn’t directly bring in any money. 

Now, ask yourself another question – what tasks are revenue generating?

Every agent knows that prospecting and networking for new clients is where the money comes from. 

So, how does one go about finding new clients? Agents find new clients by being with and talking to people. Conversations with previous clients, attending neighborhood events, and business networking are the most effective ways to find new buyers and sellers.

Scheduling showings, answering emails, writing blog posts, and having long conversations with title company staff, mortgage lenders, and home inspectors might be valuable. Still, they alone won’t expand your client base or boost sales.

Time is a finite resource for everyone, including you. To propel your business forward and bolster your bottom line, you must shift focus away from busy work and cultivate new buyer and seller relationships.

How do you do that? Hire a real estate virtual assistant (VA). Let your capable assistant handle the administrative details. That will free you up to secure new clients. 

Here are additional details about what does a real estate virtual assistant do.

What’s fascinating is that most agents understand this, but what stops them are misconceptions about the cost of hiring a real estate virtual assistant. 

So, let’s examine how much it really costs to work with a real estate virtual assistant. 

How Much Does a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Cost?

real estate virtual assistant cost

There’s no shortage of companies offering to pair you with a virtual real estate assistant. However, prices – and the quality of services – vary considerably. 

Therefore, let’s examine the prices of AgentUp, one of the industry leaders in providing and placing real estate virtual assistants.

AgentUp has spent the last ten years building a team of highly skilled virtual real estate assistants. All AgentUp VAs undergo rigorous technical training and must complete a 40-hour US real estate business practices and regulations course. 

The result is that every AgentUp VA is prepared to be effective from day one and onboard with minimal effort. 

And before we go any further, explore what is the main task of a real estate assistant.

Alright, let’s look at the costs. 

The Cost of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

real estate virtual assistant cost

Here are AgentUp’s prices for working with a real estate virtual assistant. The prices are broken down according to how many hours you need:

Part-Time Services
2 Hours a Day – $14.00 an hour – $595 per month

Half-Time Services
4 Hours a Day – $12.00 an hour – $995 per month

Full-Time Services 
8 Hours a Day – $10.00 an hour – $1695 per month

As you can see, AgentUp real estate virtual assistants are affordable and well within the budget of most sales agents. 

Not only are those prices reasonable, but they also guarantee you the AgentUp advantage. 

The AgentUp advantage ensures that your onboarding and working support will be optimal. For example, by partnering with AgentUp, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  • Ready-to-hire assistants
  • US-based account managers
  • Guided interviews & onboarding
  • Licensure-level VA training
  • VAs with a college degree or industry experience
  • DISC personality profiles
  • Verified English proficiency
  • Productivity tracking software
  • 100% compliant US & overseas entities
  • Secure US-based payment processing

At AgentUp, we care about our clients and VAs and do everything possible to make the business relationship and working experience easy and outstanding. 

Even though you see that working with a talented real estate virtual assistant is affordable, you might still be asking if you’d truly benefit from hiring one. 

Let’s explore that excellent question in some detail.

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Will I Benefit From Hiring a VA?

Will I Benefit From Hiring a VA?

Many agents question if there is any real benefit from hiring an assistant. Additionally, some agents also wonder if they have enough work to keep even a part-time assistant busy.

Let’s look more closely at these legitimate concerns.

To start, let’s ask how most agents use their real estate virtual assistants. What you will see is that most agents use their VAs to handle two things – administrative tasks and marketing.

Answering emails, scheduling showings, and communicating with clients and other professionals – having a VA handle these responsibilities frees up significant time for any agent. 

In addition, we all know that marketing is necessary for any real estate business. Your VA could take on the following marketing responsibilities:

  • Managing your CRM program
  • Qualifying leads
  • Coordinating your social media posts
  • Writing weekly blog updates
  • Helping to market all your listings
  • And more

How much would your business benefit from consistent, targeted marketing activity? You know the answer. The more marketing you do, the more likely you’ll find new clients and sell your listings faster and for higher prices. 

Perhaps most important is how to use the time you save by working with a real estate assistant. 

Savvy agents will use the time to prospect, network, and secure more clients. In fact, studies show that successful agents spend 20% or more of their time directly seeking new clients.

So, to answer our initial question – will working with a real estate virtual assistant be a genuine benefit – the answer is yes. Or, to put it another way, the question should be, do you want to grow your business?

Read more about how to use a real estate virtual assistant to grow your business.

Next, let’s explore one more often overlooked fact – most real estate virtual assistants pay for themselves within months, if not sooner.

How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Pays for Themself

How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Pays for Themself

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant will increase your productivity. Having even a part-time assistant to help with just your marketing will certainly increase the awareness of your real estate services. 

Additionally, working with a real estate virtual assistant will allow you to concentrate on revenue-generating tasks like closing deals, networking, and qualifying leads, enabling you to grow your business faster.

At the start of this article, we discussed how time is money in real estate sales.

Additionally, we mentioned that you will only achieve your income goals once you spend at least 20% of your time or more building relationships. Having an assistant will help you achieve this.

Therefore, a real estate virtual assistant will quickly pay for themself in little time. How? By increasing sales by even just one transaction.

Even one more sale pays for your real estate virtual assistant costs with money left to spare. And chances are, you’ll increase your sales by more than just one transaction. 

So, if you’re ready to grow your real estate business, AgentUp is here to help.

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Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant With AgentUp

Our team in the Philippines of carefully selected and well-trained real estate virtual assistants is world-class. 

Every AgentUp real estate virtual assistant has a solid understanding of the intricacies of the US real estate landscape and brokerage operations, ensuring they are primed for productivity from day one.

AgentUp Real Estate Virtual Assistant
AgentUp Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Additionally, our VAs are incredibly well-suited for work in the US. Why?

English is one of the Philippines’ official languages, and its business culture closely mirrors that of the United States. This alignment facilitates a smoother, almost seamless hiring and onboarding process.

Know that you know that working with a real estate virtual assistant is affordable and will help you grow your business – take the next step.

Talk to us about pairing you with a VA who is right for your business. 

Schedule a free call today

In our 15-minute conversation, we’ll learn your business needs, answer your questions, and thoroughly explain the hiring process, including the costs.

Work With AgentUp for All Your Marketing Needs

AgentUp does a lot more than provide real estate virtual assistant services. We’re an industry leader in real estate marketing.

We have everything you need to market your listings and real estate services successfully.

Take a look at these affordable solutions that will help your sales go quickly and at higher prices:

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