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A real estate administrative assistant can increase the productivity of any sales agent, thereby helping them secure more transactions. 

By handling routine daily background business tasks, a real estate administrative assistant gives agents more time to get listings.

However, many agents have questions concerning exactly what an administrative assistant does and their affordability. 

In this post, we’ll explain what a real estate administrative assistant does, how much it costs, and how hiring one can help you grow your business. 

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

The Advantages of a Real Estate Administrative Assistant

real estate administrative assistant

Every experienced real estate sales professional knows the myriad of administrative tasks they face every day. Just consider the hours spent doing some of the following:

  • Answering client calls
  • Reaching out to mortgage lenders
  • Responding to questions about listings
  • Scheduling showings
  • Plus, keeping your CRM system up to date

Moreover, those are only a few of the many administrative tasks that agents face every day. When you add the need for constant marketing, the workload can quickly become overwhelming.

A real estate administrative assistant can take those tasks off your work plate, freeing you up to focus on revenue-generating activities. 

Now, would you like to know some good news? Hiring a virtual administrative assistant is affordable and effective. It costs less than half of what an in-office worker does while being more productive. 

Two-thirds of businesses have hired virtual assistants since 2021. And here are some reasons why:

  • They’re More Productive – virtual workers don’t have to contend with office distractions – their productivity is 4.4% higher than those working in an office
  • It Saves Time50% of leading real estate teams use virtual assistants and report the time saved as the reason why
  • The Cost Savings70% of businesses see significant cost savings

With that in mind, let’s look more closely at what a real estate administrative assistant does and how they help your business grow.

What Does a Real Estate Administrative Assistant Do?

Most real estate administrative assistants are tech-savvy, well-trained, and understand the real estate industry. 

The latest technology makes working with virtual assistants easy. As a remote worker, you manage them and assign them tasks via telephone, video conferencing, project management programs, and email. 

Let’s take a look at what a real estate administrative assistant can do for your business.

1. Administrative Duties

real estate administrative assistant

A real estate administrative assistant can yield substantial time-saving advantages. You can turn over to them the following daily tasks:

  • Inputting data and maintaining records
  • Crafting listing presentations
  • Gathering client feedback and addressing inquiries
  • Managing basic accounting and processing bill payments
  • Compiling sales and performance analyses
  • Passing along contracts, agreements, and related documentation
  • Helping with the recruitment and onboarding of new agents

By being relieved of these tasks, brokers or agents can devote their attention to procuring new buyers and sellers.

2.  Handling Daily Communications

real estate administrative assistant

Central to any successful real estate enterprise is effective and consistent communication. However, managing communication tasks can swiftly become overwhelming. 

This is where the real estate administrative assistant steps in, proficiently handling the following responsibilities:

  • Streamlining email responses and organizing the inbox
  • Coordinating appointments
  • Maintaining receptionist duties, including call answering
  • Managing and coordinating your schedule
  • Organizing office, social, and holiday events, including sending holiday cards

A skilled administrative assistant can be the welcoming and helpful public face of your brokerage, freeing up your time for client and sales discussions.

3. Real Estate Administrative Assistants and Lead Generation

real estate administrative assistant

Buyers and sellers aren’t simply drawn to your brokerage by chance. Each client is the outcome of meticulous lead-generation endeavors.

Consider the extensive range of lead generation tasks a real estate assistant could assist you with:

  • Researching potential buyer and seller leads
  • Ensuring your CRM system is kept up-to-date with detailed notes on leads
  • Initiating prospecting and cold-calling efforts
  • Maintaining consistent follow-ups with leads
  • Coordinating appointments and overseeing property showings
  • Providing regular progress updates to sellers

Ask yourself which tasks directly contribute to actual sales and what might be hindering you from performing them.

For instance, wouldn’t your time be better utilized to foster client relationships rather than to put client information into your CRM database?

4. Ramp up Your Marketing and Social Media Outreach Efforts

Marketing is a crucial aspect of your real estate business, yet it often demands significant time and effort. 

Entrusting the more practical, day-to-day marketing tasks to a real estate assistant can free up your time to focus on higher-level activities such as building client relationships.

Here are several marketing responsibilities that a virtual assistant can proficiently manage:

  • Coordinating mailers to your network of contacts
  • Designing visually appealing materials for both digital and print platforms
  • Overseeing the publication of blog posts and social media content
  • Maintaining the relevance of your website and enhancing its SEO performance
  • Implementing email marketing strategies
  • Monitoring and analyzing marketing analytics

Consider the advantages of consistent, ongoing marketing endeavors for your listings and professional services. 

How many potential sellers could you engage with in the time it takes to write weekly social media posts and blog entries?

Learn more about the value of a virtual assistant to a real estate agent

Next, let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to working with a real estate administrative assistant. 

Real Estate Administrative Assistant FAQs

real estate administrative assistant

Q. Would My Sales Benefit From Hiring a Real Estate Assistant?

A. The answer is probably yes. Most real estate sales agents often find themselves immersed in managing administrative duties, inadvertently neglecting revenue-generating activities. 

Hours spent scheduling meetings, conducting follow-up calls, and handling administrative minutiae do not directly translate into income generation. 

What truly counts is having the capacity to engage with a greater number of potential buyers and sellers. Just imagine the potential client interactions you could cultivate if an assistant were to liberate 6 to 8 hours of your time every week.

Q. What If I Don’t Have Enough Work to Give My Assistant?

A. Real estate assistants go beyond handling routine tasks. You won’t have to provide them with a daily task list; instead, they can be involved in continuous, long-term marketing projects when they’re not attending to daily administrative duties. 

Moreover, they play a significant role in managing many of your lead-generation efforts. Additionally, you have the flexibility to adjust their hours based on the workload for any given week or period.

Q. Is Hiring a Virtual Worker Cost-Effective?

A. Managing a virtual worker is easier than you might think. Multiple studies consistently demonstrate that trained virtual workers are more efficient than their in-office counterparts. 

Remote workers are adept at collaborating across different time zones and typically possess fluency in English. Engaging with a virtual real estate assistant is as easy as sending an email or using chat. 

Take a look at AgentUp’s pricing plans for real estate administrative assistants. 

Now that we’ve answered the common questions about working with a real estate assistant, you might wonder how to hire one. Let us show you how.

Hire a Real Estate Administrative Assistant With AgentUp

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AgentUp Real Estate Administrative Assistants
AgentUp Real Estate Administrative Assistants

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We appreciate your taking the time to read this article and hope it helped you better understand what a real estate administrative assistant does. If you liked this post, take a look at these other related articles:

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