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A real estate assistant’s duties help sales agents streamline their workflow, increase efficiency, and close more sales. 

One critical advantage of having a real estate assistant is that they can help free up your time, allowing you to focus on activities that can bring in more clients and drive business growth.

Intelligent real estate agents assign their real estate assistant duties, such as daily business administration, communications, and ongoing marketing. 

In this post, we will explore 4 common real estate assistant duties to streamline your workflow. 

4 Real Estate Assistant Duties to Increase Efficiency

Real estate assistants play a crucial role in supporting agents by handling the business details of running a real estate sales business. 

Such duties include the following sets of business tasks. Let’s explore them in some detail. 

1. Basic Administrative Duties

Any real estate sales business is inundated with small, repetitive daily tasks. While most of these tasks are necessary, they don’t directly increase revenue.  

For example, consider the ongoing administrative duties that you could pass off to a real estate assistant, including:

  • Answering email and telephone calls
  • Setting up showings, meetings, and open houses
  • Managing your social media accounts
  • Maintaining your business websites
  • Overseeing your calendar
  • Taking care of holiday and birthday cards, organizing social events, and customer appreciation efforts

Further, many experienced real estate assistants have proven ideas on enhancing business growth – ideas you might not have considered.

2. Daily Business Communications

A sales agent understands the significant role communication plays in their business. There are phone calls, emails, texts, and social media messaging every day. 

Basically, managing communication tasks can quickly become overwhelming. 

However, once again, you could assign these duties to your real estate assistant. How much time would you save if your assistant did all the following?

  • Managing email responses and organizing the inbox
  • Coordinating your appointments
  • Handling receptionist duties, including call-answering
  • Responding to client and vendor questions

By taking on the above duties, a real estate assistant would become your business’s welcoming and helpful public face, allowing you time for client and sales discussions.

Here’s further information on how to grow your business at record speed with a virtual real estate assistant

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3. Real Estate Assistant Duties – Lead Generation Efforts

Without an active sales pipeline, a real estate business withers. The key to industry success is finding new buyers and sellers to work with continually.

Therefore, you could task your real estate assistant with lead generation duties. They can streamline your sales pipeline by doing the following:

  • Identifying and qualifying promising buyer and seller leads
  • Prospecting and cold-calling 
  • Qualifying and following up with new leads
  • Updating your CRM program

An experienced real estate assistant can help find and keep new clients. 

Now, ask yourself: How many clients could you add each month if two people were working to find them?

Check out how to double house sales with a real estate assistant

4. Marketing and Social Media Outreach

Like lead generation, marketing is vital for your real estate business. However, to see actual results, you must be consistent with your marketing efforts and spend considerable time.

Turning over marketing duties to a real estate assistant can increase your reach and presence within your local community and beyond. 

Imagine the impact of increasing your efforts with the following marketing projects:

  • Sending mailers to local neighborhoods
  • Regularly posting blog articles and social media content
  • Enhancing the SEO performance of your websites
  • Managing ongoing email marketing campaigns
  • And much more

By doubling your marketing efforts, your real estate assistant will pay for himself or herself quickly through increased sales. 

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Next, let’s directly address a common question about virtual real estate assistants: Is hiring a remote worker practical?

Does Hiring a Virtual Real Estate Assistant Really Work? 

Increasing numbers of businesses realize that the answer to the above question is yes

Studies repeatedly show that remote, virtual workers are more efficient than their in-office counterparts. What’s even better is that they usually cost less to hire.

Two-thirds of businesses have hired virtual assistants since 2021. Here are some reasons why:

  • Virtual workers are less distracted – their productivity is 4.4% higher than those working in an office
  • 50% of leading real estate brokerages use virtual assistants and note the time saved as the reason why
  • Most importantly, 70% of businesses see significant cost savings

Many remote real estate assistants are from overseas. These workers have mastered collaborating across time zones and are fluent in English.

Communicating with your virtual assistant using email, video meetings, or chat is easy.

Moreover, most real estate administrative assistants are tech-savvy, well-trained, and understand the US real estate industry. 

Now that we’ve answered that common question about working with a virtual real estate assistant, you might be wondering how to hire one. 

Let us show you an easy way to do that!

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