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Many sales agents struggle with how to write a great real estate listing description. 

Listing descriptions are crucial because they give potential buyers details of what the property offers—the more appealing and persuasive the description, the better your chance of making a sale. 

In this blog post, we will show you how to write a great real estate listing and share with you a secret tip.

Why Your Listing Description Matters for the Sale

The property listing description is crucial; it can make or break a sale in seconds. 

With so much emphasis on real estate listing photos, videos, and now virtual tours – it is easy to think that the listing description for the property isn’t essential. But that would be a mistake.

Realtors often favor short listing descriptions, thinking that potential buyers aren’t interested in reading a more substantial property description. But is this truly the case?

The truth is that longer listing descriptions leave the impression that the house has many benefits and features, whether the buyers read the entire description. 

In other words, a longer, great real estate listing whispers, “Read me. I’m worth your time. I have a story to tell.”

Yes, the photos and other visuals might be the first things buyers look at, but if they are interested in your home, they will want to read all about it. 

Why do interested buyers read the listing description? They are looking for further information and additional property details. 

Listing descriptions give potential buyers information that photos and other visuals often don’t, such as whether the house is in good condition and has any unique features.

Since the listing write-up is one way to speak with potential buyers, you want the description to draw them into the home figuratively and literally. 

So, you see why ensuring you have an appealing and persuasive property description is vital. 

If your listing description isn’t inviting, your home could be on the market longer than you wish. 

All of the above raises the question, how do you write a great real estate listing? We’re going to show you. 

How to Write a Great Real Estate Listing Description

We’re now going to share advice on how to write a great real estate listing.

First, don’t make the common mistake of just simply describing the property. Your listing description should not be a list of what the home offers. Instead, it should tell a story, finding creative ways to paint a picture that will make buyers imagine themselves living in your home. 

Here are a few more tips for writing a great real estate listing:

  • Make sure your description is accurate. You don’t want to mislead buyers
  • Be specific about the neighborhood, letting buyers know about area amenities, restaurants, and local attractions
  • The description should be written in a clear, concise, and inviting language
  • Avoid industry jargon and abbreviations
  • Keep the sentences short, and avoid long run-on sentences

Other considerations include the fact that the listing description needs to be spell-checked.

Listing descriptions don’t have to be long, but they should highlight the best features of the property. 

You don’t have to include everything, so focus on the quality of the most desirable features of a home, such as the kitchen and the primary bathroom.

Finally, a great real estate listing description ends with a call to action—a direct statement asking the buyer to schedule a showing or make an offer. 

You’ll want to place this at the end of the description, and if you can find a way to add some urgency to it, all the better. You want to make the buyer act immediately rather than have them wait for later and possibly forget. 

Now, we have one more secret tip for writing a great listing description – work with a real estate assistant and have them do it. 

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A Secret Tip for How to Write a Great Listing

Let us share a secret tip: Many sales agents have a real estate assistant write their listing descriptions and handle all the property marketing.

As an experienced agent knows, writing a great real estate listing description is only one small part of marketing a property for sale. For example, there are all the following tasks to manage:

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Many real estate assistants are experienced at writing great listing descriptions and other marketing tasks.

Given all that’s involved in marketing a listing, it’s no wonder so many sales agents work with virtual real estate assistants. 

In fact, two-thirds of real estate businesses have hired virtual assistants since 2021. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Virtual employees face fewer distractions, and as a result, their productivity is 4.4% higher than those working in an office
  • 50% of real estate brokerages use virtual assistants report that the time saved is the main reason why
  • Perhaps most significant is that 70% of businesses experience cost savings with virtual assistants

So why not do as many highly successful sales agents do, let a real estate assistant write your listing descriptions and the rest of your marketing efforts. 

Also, learn about some additional ways to use a VA to boost sales.

Here’s how to find a real estate assistant for your sales business: Contact AgentUp.

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