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Sales agents are scrambling to find ways to close more real estate transactions before the busy summer season ends.

The Summer 2024 market is just starting, and agents are looking for ways to find new clients and close more real estate transactions before the season ends. 

Therefore, in this post, we will share 13 marketing tips to close more real estate transactions in 2024.

Let’s jump right in!

13 Tips and Tools to Close More Real Estate Transactions

The following 13 tools and proven marketing tactics will help you close more real estate transactions in the months ahead. 

1. Have a Marketing Plan

The first item on our list is the need for a marketing plan. Haphazard, scattered marketing efforts don’t always reach the intended audience or have the desired effect. 

A comprehensive marketing strategy is essential to success this season and beyond. 

As you sit down to create a marketing plan, take into account the following considerations:

  • Identify Your Marketing Tools – learn about the latest marketing technology and select the tools and solutions that you think will best resonate with your audience
  • A Communication Plan – decide which channels and platforms you’ll use to share the above tools and your overall marketing message

A clear plan before starting your marketing efforts will make you more effective overall. 

Once you have a plan, use the following tools to persuade people to consider your professional services and check out and buy your listings. 

2. Know Your Target Audience

Next, ask yourself this question: Who are you marketing to? In other words, who is your target audience?

To formulate your answer, consider who will likely buy your listings and want to use your services. 

For example, when trying to identify your audience, think about the possible groups you might want to reach with your marketing:

  • First-time home buyers
  • Sellers looking for a larger home
  • Clients within a given financial range
  • Buyers or sellers in the neighborhoods you know best 

By identifying your audience (and keeping Fair Housing laws in mind), you should be able to make your marketing efforts as effective as possible.

3. Make Sure You Have a Zillow Profile

Zillow is a giant in our industry, with over 188 million users yearly. Make sure your profile is attractive and up-to-date. 

A Zillow profile promotes your real estate services to the public and increases the chance of finding new buyers and sellers. 

One wonderful thing about this marketing tip is that Zillow profiles are free. 

Take a minute and look at this advice from Zillow on creating effective profiles

4. Social Media Sites – Find Clients for Your Real Estate Transactions

There are billions of people with at least one social media account. By using social media, you can ensure that you are reaching the largest and broadest audience possible.

Further, there’s plenty of evidence that buyers and sellers use social media as search tools to find an agent or a new home.

Further, social media offers many benefits, including the following:

  • You’ll be able to share your marketing tools easily across sites and platforms
  • It’s easy for people to share links to your listings with others 
  • Being on social media shows others that you’re tech-savvy which will help you gain more clients
  • Social media is a great place to promote your services as an agent

For example, you can engage with local Facebook groups by sharing useful market information and answering related real estate questions.

Being active on social media is a better way to show others that you are a trusted real estate professional. 

5. Close More Real Estate Transactions by Consistently Blogging

You’ll be surprised how many people you can reach by blogging about the current real estate market.

Your blog posts can discuss any of the following real estate topics:

  • Pricing trends and interest rate expectations
  • Neighborhoods with many amenities and perks
  • Call attention to your recent listings
  • Show people how to turn their backyard into a private paradise
  • Explain to buyers what they need to do before going to search for a new home

Ensure that your blog content reaches the largest audience possible. 

Use tools like Google Analytics to help you find the search terms and keywords your target clients seek and inspire you about new topics and ideas. 

6. Always Have a Professional Photographer Shoot Your Listing Photos

High-quality listing photos are vital to any successful sale. Always work with a professional real estate photographer to get the best possible images.

Are you thinking about shooting the photos yourself? The following two statistics will help you realize why that’s not a good idea:

  • Nearly 100% of buyers report that the listing photos were the main factor when choosing which homes they visited
  • 32% of homes marketed with high-quality photographs sell faster than those lacking professional images

Always make an excellent first impression – use a professional real estate photographer on all your listings to attract as many buyers as possible.

7. Don’t Overlook Real Estate Photo Editing

One marketing fact is clear – real estate photo editing is essential to any successful real estate photography and sales business.

All the studies show the importance of attractive photos in real estate sales. For example, think about these recent survey results:

  • 100% of home buyers start their home search online and report that the real estate photos helped them select which homes to see in person
  • 97% of homebuyers claim that the listing images were the most valuable tool when looking for a new home
  • 61.3% of brokers are convinced that outstanding listing photography is ‘crucial’ for selling homes
  • Listings advertised using professional photos experience a 1,200% increase in social media shares

The above numbers tell a strong story. The listing photos grab buyers’ attention and motivate them to see the property in person.

Our next item is a real estate marketing tool that has become a standard for every listing. 

8. Leverage Virtual Staging

Virtual staging can easily enhance a room or space by digitally updating its decor with furniture and design accessories.

For virtual staging, all you need is a photo of the room or space. Take that image and give it 

to a professional virtual staging designer who can work the following magic:

  • Furnish empty rooms with the latest items and artwork reflecting popular design styles today
  • Remove unwanted objects, declutter, and depersonalize any space or room
  • Make digital color changes, updates, and even repairs
  • Enhance the landscaping by adding patio and outdoor furniture and more! 

Virtual staging is an affordable, fast way to show a property in its best light, and it is fantastic when working with hard-to-sell listings.

And virtual stating is a powerful real estate marketing tool, as these recent numbers indicate:

  • Virtually staged homes sell 75% faster 
  • 83% of virtually staged properties sell for the asking price or above

Give virtual staging a try and see how it can help you close more real estate transactions this year.

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9. Single Property Websites Help Close Real Estate Transactions 

Here’s another powerful tool in your marketing arsenal: single-property websites. They are an extremely effective way to help close more real estate listings.

Consider the following features and benefits of a single property website:

  • You can focus on just one listing without any competition or distractions
  • It’s easy to offer many photos, video walk-throughs and virtual tours, floor plans and other persuasive features
  • It provides lots of space to talk about the listing in detail
  • Buyers can easily schedule a showing or reach out to the listing agent from the site

Besides featuring the above marketing tools, a single listing website also includes the following:

  • The essential CTA to “Schedule a Showing” 
  • Abundant neighborhood information 
  • Capture home buyer info with lead technology
  • Include a mortgage calculator and other financing tools
  • Add a Google Map for precise directions to the property
  • Share the site across social media
  • Have it custom-branded, including your contact info and business logo
  • Offer downloadable digital flyers
  • And much more! 

A recent study showed that single listing sites can drive up to 55% more traffic to listings.

One last consideration: using single-property websites helps grow your brand and can include positive reviews from past clients.

10. Virtual House Tours

A virtual house tour lets potential buyers or renters walk through a property on their computer, tablet, or phone any time of day or night.

These tours provide a realistic online experience of any property – and buyers love them, as these statistics indicate:

  • Listings marketed with a virtual home tour get 87% more views
  • 54% of buyers pass over a house if it doesn’t include a virtual tour 
  • Virtual tours help listings close 31% quicker than those not featuring a tour
  • The key demographic of buyers aged 18 to 34 are 130% more likely to book a showing if there is a virtual tour

Additionally, virtual tours offer the following valuable information to potential buyers:

  • The spatial sense of each room and space
  • Help to see a room from any angle or perspective
  • A clearer sense of the flow of the property from room to room
  • Hot spots that make it easy to call out the listing’s best features

Virtual tours are easy to create, and buyers love them, so include one on all your listings to help close more real estate transactions. 

11. Close More Real Estate Transactions Using Floor Plans

Floor plans are a great marketing tool to give potential buyers a clear understanding of the home’s layout and the dimensions of each room and space.

2D Floor Plan by AgentUp
2D Floor Plan by AgentUp

 You can feature either a 2D or 3D floor plan and both are extremely popular with buyers, as the below surveys show:

  • 64% of buyers report that they prefer to see floor plans on all listings
  • Properties marketed with 3D floor plans spend 50% less time on market
  • 51% of buyers say that floor plans were crucial in helping their decision-making process

Additionally, floor plans can be shared on single property websites, on the listing itself, or in conjunction with a virtual tour. 

12. Get More Attention With a House Portrait 

A custom house portrait is a watercolor, oil, or sketch of a property done by an artist. 

The artist uses a high-resolution photo of the property to create an appealing, accurate, and captivating portrait. 

House portraits are incredibly eye-catching and beautiful. For this reason, they are an effective real estate marketing tool with many uses, including the following:

  • As a tabletop display at showings and open houses
  • Included with the listing photography as an extra marketing boost
  • Used as the main image for email marketing campaigns 
  • Shared on social media and other websites

This unique, easy-to-order tool will help you stand out among the competition. So give house portraits a try!

Change happens all the time, and real estate marketing is no exception. 

Therefore, do your best to stay on top of the latest real estate marketing trends.

Doing so will help you offer what buyers are looking for and get them to schedule showings of your listings. 

Using the latest marketing technology and tools also helps you stand out as a sales agent and get noticed by potential clients. 

All of the above tools and aids are among the latest in effective real estate marketing. Given the advent of AI, new and better marketing tools are constantly emerging.

Before we wrap up this post, we have one more tip for helping you close more real estate transactions this year and beyond. 

One Last Tip for Closing More Real Estate Transactions

Our last tip is one of the most powerful ways to close more real estate transactions. 

Leading sales agents usually have one thing in common – they use a real estate assistant to help them expand and ramp up their marketing efforts.

For example, a skilled real estate assistant can manage the following marketing tasks:

Given all the work required to market a listing or your services, it makes sense why so many sales agents work with virtual real estate assistants. 

Nearly two-thirds of real estate businesses have hired virtual assistants since 2021. Here are some of the reasons they offer for doing so:

  • Virtual workers are less distracted, so their productivity is 4.4% higher than those working in an office
  • 50% of real estate brokerages rely on virtual assistants to save time and manage their marketing
  • Further, 70% of businesses report significant cost savings by working with virtual assistants

Also, learn more about ways to use a VA to boost sales.

So, take advantage of what other successful agents do to grow their business and close more real estate transactions by hiring a virtual assistant.

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AgentUp Real Estate Assistant

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